Quick Way of Assessing Your Client’s Scapula

Quick Way of Assessing Your Client’s Scapula copy

3 Keys to Look For When Assessing Your Client’s Scapula

Here is a quick video that I did after teaching the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Upper Body courses (shoulder, low back, neck, elbow & wrist) in Vancouver, BC.

I got a great question about what do I look for when I am looking at a client’s scapula.  Just like with everything, you can make it as complicated as you want but if I had to focus on the three most important keys, it would be the three in the video.


Please do leave your comments on the video below.

– Let me know what you disagree with?

– Let me know what do you looking for in your client’s scapula.

Oh, one mre thing.  This weekend I am off to Regina, Saskatchewan to present to the Saskatchewan Kinesiology and Exercise Science Association (SKESA).  On Saturday, at their Education Day, I will be talking about,  “Buiding a Post Rehab Business.”  Then on Sunday, I am presenting, Postural Assessment & Exercise prescription.

Have a great day.

Rick Kaselj