Exercise Rehabilitation Webinars

Exercise Rehabilitation Webinars

Yesterday, I sent you an e-mail about needing your help.

With the creation of the Exercises for Injuries blog, I have started getting enquires from around the world about educational opportunities.  Most people are not able to attend my course in the Vancouver area but really would like to learn the content in them.  Those that contacted me have suggested that I start doing webinars so anyone from around the world can join in.  I want to hear from you, if you are interested in attending a webinar and what topics you would like to see.

Please leave a comment below answering these two questions:

Question 1: Are you interested in attending webinars?

Leave a comment below and let me know if you are interested in exercise rehabilitation webinars.  A “Yes or No” answer is fine but why you are or why you are not would be even better.

Question 2:  What webinar topics would you like to see?

I don’t know what you are interested in.  Here are some ideas that I though you might be interested in:

– Exercises to End Frequent Ankle Sprain

– Corrective Exercises to Running Injury-free

– Using Press Release to Get More Exercise Rehabilitation Clients

– Corrective Exercise for a Pain-free Back

– Exercises to Correct Poorly Firing Gluteus

– Scapular Stabilization Exercises

– Using Craigslist to Get More Exercise Rehabilitation Clients

$199 Prize if You Leave a Comment

Everyone that gives me their opinion will be put into a draw for a copy of the $199 The Truth About Osteoporosis & Exercise Program.

For more details on what is in the The Truth About Osteoporosis & Exercise Program:

Thank you for your help.

– Rick Kaselj, MS