Training and Nutrition Advice with John Romaniello

I was in Las Vegas a few weeks back and did a training and nutrition video with someone at the fitness conference.

The person I interviewed was John Romaniello.  John is a personal trainer based in New York and does a lot of online training plus the creator of Fat Loss Forever.  One thing that he is heavily involved in with his online clients is nutrition.

As you know, I have been exploring more when it comes to the nutrition side of things.  If you read EFI, you know I focus on the exercise side of things when it relates to injuries.  After doing more reading, talking with my clients and  fitness professionals, I am keeping myself open to nutritional concepts and how nutrition relates to aches, pains and injuries.  This is one more interview from that journey.

Now back to John.

I asked John if he could share some reasons why a fitness professionals must be involved in their client’s nutrition.

Why it is Important for Fitness Professionals to be Involved in the Nutrition of their Clients with John Romaniello:

In the above interview, John shares with you:

  • Why training and nutrition are not separate things.
  • Why a trainers is one of the best people to provide nutritional guidance for their training clients.
  • What to do about the fear of providing nutritional advice to your clients.
  • How to find out the boundaries that a fitness professional has when it relates to training and nutrition.
  • Why the learning never ends for a fitness professional who wants to be the best.
  • A few nutritional certifications that John recommends.
  • Who John Romaniello is
  • John’s take on the Paleo diet and intermittent fasting
  • Lastly John talks about what is “Fat loss Forever”

Thanks John or as his friends call him, “Roman”.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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One last thing, this is John’s program when it relates to nutrition:

Okay, nothing more to say.

Have a great day and talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS