From 0 to 4 One Legged Squats in 24 hours

From 0 to 4 One Legged Squats in 24 hours

I knew these exercises were powerful, but I didn’t expect this.

My friend Karen has been doing kettlebells for years and is pretty strong. But she thought doing one-legged squats would take a long time to learn. She also had a hip imbalance.

The Ultimate Hip, Knee, and Ankle Guide for One-Legged Squats fixed her hip imbalance and showed her the path to be able to do not only one bodyweight one-legged squat, but FOUR – in less than one day from watching the free video that you get when you order during this promotion: The Hip/Butt Restoration and Performance Clinic.

Karen has experience with squatting and kettlebells, so these results will not be the same for everyone.

But still, this blew me away:

“Just had to tell you how much I LOVED doing the follow along with the video this morning. It was extremely helpful to go through the drills while watching and listening to your cues for each exercise. My hips felt incredibly open and mobile afterward, and I was able to do my first FULL bodyweight pistol on my left leg (the right leg is ALMOST there)!

However, the real surprise or bonus, was when I went out for my afternoon walk. It was the BEST WALK EVER! My entire body felt connected, my gait was easy, I felt tall and for the first time in years, my hips felt balanced and “even” (I tend to favor one leg over because one leg has always been “shorter” – hip imbalance probably?).

Thank you for both the exercises AND the video. You have helped me overcome a lifetime imbalance that I thought was too difficult, too time-consuming, and too expensive to correct.”

I received this the following day:

“4 easy left leg pistols today. Never thought I’d ever achieve 1 – thought it would take too much time and patience to “work up” to it. You made it easy Sean!”

-Karen Gallo, San Diego, CA

The video Karen refers to is the “ride-along” program I made to accompany the book. The first group of people who invested in the book kept asking me to video. So I built a follow along with a video of the muscle activation and mobility drills.

The Hip and Butt Restoration and Performance Clinic.

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