Great Wall Exercise to Help with Shoulder Health

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Great Wall Exercises to Help with Shoulder Health

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Today, I wanted to go through a Great Wall Exercise to Help with Shoulder Health. It is called the Wall Slide with Overhead Shrug. Step in a split stance straight towards the wall. In this case, have the right leg forward with a short stride, staying close to the wall.

Stay in a neutral posture from your head all the way down to your heels and engage your core. Start with your forearms on the wall and your elbows below shoulder level. Gradually start raising your arms, initiating a slight shrug as the elbows get to shoulder height. Shrug and lean into the wall while maintaining that neutral posture.

Wall Slides with Upward Rotation & Lift-Off

Wall Slides with Upward Rotation & Lift-Off

Your upper traps are firing to help you rotate your shoulder blades. Keep those shoulder blades up while you start to drop your elbows. When they get back to shoulder height, start to let everything else come down at a normal pace. This is not an aggressive pull with the lat.

So let’s do one more. When starting to raise up, your scapulars are turning on. Your stance should not be too wide and hands are just shoulder width apart.

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