How Are Your Clients Sabotaging Their Fitness Goals with Healthy Food with Lori Kennedy

It is no secret that most people struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true when trying to lose weight or eat more healthfully. So why do so many people sabotage themselves? Food is a big part of the problem. Poor eating habits make it easy to fall off the wagon and slip back into old habits.

Some signs you might sabotage your fitness goals: You snack too much or binge on junk food. Skipping breakfast or lunch. You don’t track what you eat. You exercise less than you should. And you don’t see results or feel better after sticking to your diet and exercise program. If you notice these signs, it may be time to change how you approach food and fitness. Try adding some new foods to your diet and changing your exercise routine. Once you start seeing results, staying motivated and staying on track will become easier.

Today I have an interview for you on How Are Your Clients Sabotaging Their Fitness Goals with Healthy Food with Lori Kennedy.

How Are Your Clients Sabotaging Their Fitness Goals

She shares what he does in the interview.

Enjoy the interview.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with Lori Kennedy on how your clients sabotage their fitness goals with healthy food.

How are your clients sabotaging their fitness goals with healthy food with Lori Kennedy-CD

What Lori Kennedy shares in the interview:

  • Who is Lori Kennedy?
  • Talks about the confusion that clients face when it comes to nutrition
  • What are the common misconceptions when it comes to fat loss and dieting?
  • Gives examples of foods that are thought to be healthy but could be sabotaging the clients’ fitness goals
  • Shares some tips for fitness professionals on how to better inform their clients about getting quality food to help them reach their fitness goals
  • Where can you get more information about Lori Kennedy?

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