6 Exercises to Warm Up Your Elbows

I got a great question from a fixing elbow pain customer and they asked:

“What is a quick warm-up that I can do before my workout to warm up my elbows and get them ready for the workout?”

#1 – Arm Curl

You will start with your fists closed. Then you will curl the elbows and lift the elbows.

Hold the end position for a second, then lower the arms, straighten the elbows out and open up my hands. (Do 10 repetitions.)

This is what it looks like:

Arm Curl

What I am doing is warming up the hands, warming up the wrists, and I am warming up the elbows because when it relates to the elbows there’s a big influence from the shoulder and there’s a big influence from the wrist and the hand on the elbow.

#2 – Wrist Rotation.

I have my elbows straighten up and then I am rotating my wrists in one direction and then rotating the wrists in another direction for 10 repetitions.

Wrist Rotation

The key thing that I want to remember, first is to have my elbows straight when I am going through the rotation. And the second thing is I want to rotate my wrists through all ranges of movement so I get as much movement happening in the different parts of the wrist. I am not just going at the end range of motion, I want to go through little circles and bigger and bigger circles so I can warm up the whole wrist joint.

#3 – Arm Cross

To do this, I will get the arms just below shoulder height and bring them across and then bring them out, 10 times.

Arm Across

The key thing that I remember is I want to move the wrists in and out. When I am coming in I am moving the wrist bringing the thumb in and then bringing the pinkie out. I want to go through the radial deviation and ulnar deviation when it relates to the wrist because there’s a big link between the wrist and the elbow.

Radial & Ulnar Deviation

#4 – Arms Overhead

I just bring my arms overhead and back down to fully loosen up the shoulders and then also to work on that thoracic movement and loosen up that thoracic spine.

Arms Overhead

#5 – Push Up Movement

Try to focus on being square in the shoulders, solid in the back, and the chest. Make sure to bring in those lats so you will have a solid upper body and then go through that push-up movement. Do 10 repetitions.

Push Up Movement

#6 – Rowing Movement

This can be done either with pulleys, or tubing or I can just even go with bodyweight.

Rowing Movement

Once again, I try to have good posture because if I end up having the poor posture that will put more stress and strain on the wrists and the elbows. If I have good posture then the shoulders end up taking the bulk of the work and the wrists and elbows can kind of go along for the ride.

There you go, give those 6 Exercises ago. If you end up having any type of elbow pain or elbow sensitivity, give those exercises a go-to warm up your elbow and get your elbow ready for the workout that you will put them through.

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Take care and bye-bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Tennis Elbow Pain Solution