How to do the Perfect Power Shoulder Press

Shoulder pressing has got a bad wrap of late but it is something, if done right, can be great for shoulder health and chest development.

Today I got a training tip from Nick Nilsson on a new and safe way of training for the shoulder press.

Enjoy and give it a go.

Rick Kaselj, MS


This is Nick Nilsson, Mad Scientist Muscle. What I got for you today is a great way to do a barbell shoulder press. The method for this is to do single cluster training doing single reps, 20 seconds rest for 6 reps.

It’s good to use a heavier weight then you are only good for a straight through set using this floor mat on the rack. It allows you to reset your form at the bottom of every single rep which I am going to show you with the key to this exercise.

How to do the Perfect Power Shoulder Press?

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This is the movement. I will give you a quick demo here.

Barbell Power Shoulder Press

 Barbell Power Shoulder Press

 Barbell Power Shoulder Press

I have got a preacher bench turned backwards sitting inside the rack, the rails are set to the position just above the shoulders.

Proper Form Step #1

Barbell Power Shoulder Press Step 1

Proper Form Step #1

Grip the bar a bit closer in than you normally would for a bench press, for shoulder press. Bar is at shoulder height.

Proper Form Step #2

 Barbell Power Shoulder Press Step 2

Proper Form Step #2

To start pull up on the bar, that pull up is going to activate your laths. This is going to stabilize your shoulders and give you a much stronger base to press from.

Proper Form Step #3

 Barbell Power Shoulder Press Step 3

Proper Form Step #3

Do that press from there.

Proper Form Step #4

 Barbell Power Shoulder Press Step 4

Proper Form Step #4

Make sure you do these reps under control, make sure your core is tight, make sure your feet are pressed and pushing back so that you really lock in your entire body into this movement.

This movement takes away the elastic tension of the movement so it’s really good to build a lot of power of the bottom and the shoulder press. You are basically starting at the top and coming down and rebounding, that’s elastic tension.

When you are doing the press, as you are coming up and the bar clears your head, move your head forward, bring the bar back in line with your ears. That’s going to give maximum contractions to the delts. It really locks you in. I like using the preacher bench better than the straight back bench because you need some upper back support.

Alright so that’s the movement

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Nick Nilsson