These Exercises DESTROY Your Shoulders (plus how to fix it)

These Exercises DESTROY Your Shoulders

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Today I will go through three body-weight exercises that destroy your shoulders. When it comes to these exercises I see them all over the place, the gym,  YouTube videos and watching other people exercise. I constantly see these mistakes and what I know what is going to happen is there will be a shoulder injury and/or shoulder pain.

I wanted to go through those 3 body weight exercises that you’re probably going to do in your workout. I want to make sure that you do them right without destroying your shoulders.

The first one is push-ups, no need to use the bench you can use the floor.

#1 – Push-ups

A big mistake a lot people make when they do the push-up is they flare out their elbows all the way to the side. That puts lots of stress on the shoulder joint and collar bone which will lead to irritation, injury and pain.

Improper_Push-UpsImproper Push-ups

 How to tweak or fix that is bring those elbows down so they’re both coming out at about 45 degrees or tight to your body.

Proper_Push-upsProper Push-ups

They will end up being closer to your body which is less stressful on the shoulder joint and collar bone which turns your push-up from a destroying exercise, into a good and beneficial exercise.

The second one is the dumbbell row, body-weight row or an inverted row.

#2 – Dumbbell Row

Often times people have too much traction in their shoulder and end up with a heavy weight at the bottom of the exercise. It will  have too much pull of the shoulder joint, and they’ll end up with erratic movements when doing the exercise.

Improper_Dumbbell_RowsImproper Dumbbell Rows

When you’re doing dumbbell row or an inverted row you want to stay tight in the shoulder blade. Keep it straight, don’t  drop the shoulder blade. Pull the elbow up so it just passes the shoulder. Make sure you’re good and strong in the shoulder blade area throughout the whole movement.

Proper_Dumbell_RowsProper Dumbbell Rows

Do not relax at the bottom resulting in pulling in your shoulder. Stay strong in the shoulder blade and have good controlled movement. When it comes to the inverted row body-weight exercise the same concept applies.

The third exercise is the burpee.

#3 – Burpee

We’ll utilize the bench for the burpee, you can also use the floor. What you’ll see when people are doing the burpee is they’re focusing on their legs and hips and not really looking at what’s going on in the shoulder joint.

Improper_BurpeeImproper Burpee

They might be collapsing through the mid-back, might be collapsing through the shoulders or their arms might end up being too high up and what ends up doing is putting too much stress and strain on the shoulder, leading to injury and pain.

You want to stay strong in the shoulder blade, mid-back and keep that arm underneath your shoulder or less than 90 degrees keeping your shoulders in a good position to keep from risk of injury and pain.


There you go, make those tweaks on these body-weight exercises in order to save and not destroy your shoulders.

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