Key Considerations for Ankle Sprain Exercises

Great interview for you on ankle sprain exercises.

It is with Matt Ferguson.

Matt is part of a group that has developed a device that is more effective at strengthening the ankle and foot.

In the interview he talks about the importance of ankle strengthening.  Plus highlights how the AFX is more effective than traditional methods of strengthening the ankle and foot.

(To listen to the interview, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the play button.  If you do not have time to listen to it right now, just click the “download” button and download it to your computer.  Then you can listen to it on your computer when you like or subscribe to the itunes podcast.  Enjoy!)

This is was what Matt goes through:

  • Importance of ankle strengthening
  • Matt and the rest of his team’s background
  • Where the idea of the importance of ankle strengthening came from
  • How the feet are the foundation of human movement
  • Why traditional ways of foot strengthening are not effective
  • Problems with using tubing for ankle strengthening
  • What is more effective at strengthening the ankle and foot
  • The number one activity-related injury is ankle sprains
  • Sample ankle sprain exercises
  • How it works and the benefit of AFX (Ankle Foot Maximizer) device
  • Highlighting research that demonstrates the importance of ankle strengthening exercises

To learn more about Matt Ferguson of Progressive Health Innovations and the AFX, you can visit him here .

I hope you enjoyed the interview. Let me know what you think or email me and let me know if there is someone I should interview.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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