Non-Training Advice from Nick Tumminello

Non-Training Advice from Nick Tumminello

A very cool thing about being known in the fitness industry is hanging out with other leaders in the industry.  One of those guys is Nick Tumminello.

Here is a photo of Nick and me at lunch.


Nick Tumminello was one of the international fitness industry experts I have brought to Vancouver to learn from. He has joined the list of Eric Cressey, Mike RobertsonAnthony Carey, and many more that I have brought in.

Last weekend, Nick was in Vancouver to do an intensive seminar with EFI readers. (I know I have a lot of acronyms for my stuff, but I seem to keep picking long names for things).

I Learned More Than Just Training Stuff From Nick

When I spend an entire weekend learning from someone, I always know more than just training or fitness education.

Here are a few things that Nick said that got me thinking:

Is leg extension Functional?

The leg extension machine is not functional unless you train for a seated ass-kicking contest.

He said this is not his quote, but I thought it was hilarious.

Exercise Enthusiasts versus Fitness Professionals

A fitness professional sees the risk and reward of an exercise, and an exercise enthusiast sees an activity.

Brilliant People

There are many brilliant people out there that you have never heard of.

You might not have heard of them because they have not put themselves out there to share what they know with people.

Personal Trainers Have Lost Their Identity

They have tried to be good at everything compared to sticking to what they are good at.

Injured People

Injured people are not the same as non-injured people.

Learn from The Right People

Look at the clients you work with or train and learn from people that do the same thing.

Position versus Movement

When you observe someone, are you trying to put them into a position or control movement?

How You Feel

When you are presenting a course, people will remember how you feel.

Let me expand on this.  We as presenters give our all and want people to leave happy.  You can see Nick is the same way.  At the end of the weekend, there was a big group hug, group photos, photos with Nick, and many hugs.  It was very cool to see.

A key point to remember if you ever plan to do any presenting or teaching.


It was very cool to have people from BC, Washington State, California, and Illinois come out to the course/seminar.

Now something funny.

Have You Ever come across a …

  • Yoga instructor that has not come across someone that would not benefit from yoga.
  • Bodybuilder that has not come across someone that would not benefit from being more robust.
  • Corrective exercise specialist that has not come across someone that would not benefit from corrective exercise.

Few Tweets on the Event

Mike Howard did some tweeting during the weekend; here is a clip of some of his tweets:

A Training Thing I Learned from Nick

I did learn a lot from Nick.

Here is one thing.

I will have more info on what I learned from Nick in a future post.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Here are a few more Facebook comments about the weekend:


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