2 Knee-damaging Workouts for Women and Tricks to Fix Them

2 Knee Damaging Workouts For Women And Tricks To Fix Them

Returning back from the holidays, I’ll share some knee-damaging workouts for women. Enjoy!

Knee injuries can be devastating. They not only prevent you from doing your favorite things, but they can also cause long-term damage to your knees. They are a common problem for women, especially when they are active and involved in sports.

The most common cause of knee injury is excessive pressure on the knee joint. Sudden twisting or bending can lead to a torn ligament, which can take months to heal. Knee injuries can also be caused by overuse, like running too much or too hard. There are some simple ways to avoid this from happening and keep your knees healthy as you work out! 

Here are a few of the most common knee injuries, and how to fix them so you can get back on the mat. 

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2 Worst Knee Exercises for Women

1. Deep Squat

Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed out and shins as vertical as possible. Lower yourself into a squat as deep as you can. Bring your hips back up first before the knees. Do not let your knees past the toes. Keep your torso as straight as you can.

Deep Squat
Deep Squat

Performing deep squats can irritate your knee pain as the patella or kneecap gets pressed against the knee joint. In time, we want to graduate to deep squats because there are many benefits from them but, right now, we want to minimize or eliminate them as they are going to increase knee pain.

2. Hindu Squats

A lot of people are under the impression that Hindu squats are good for your knees, but this is not actually true. It’s a common misconception about the knee joint and its function. Your kneecap glides back and forth inside the groove of your knee joint to function properly. If you do a deep squat, your femur will push on the back of your kneecap, causing it to rub up against the sides of your knee joint, which can cause pain or damage to your ligaments or cartilage in time. So before you start doing Hindu squats at home, make sure you know if they’re right for you!

Hindu Squats - Knee-damaging Workouts for Women

Common Mistakes in Squatting 

Women tend to put more weight on the balls of the feet while they squat. They let their knees past the toes and bend their trunk too forward.

Some women also keep their upper bodies way too straight. This leads to their knees moving forward.

A squat needs to be a combination movement with hips and knees, not all knees, then hips.  When it comes to the movement, it is important that you start with your hips back and then bend the knees quickly.

Correct Squat Position

Correct Squat Position

Best Alternative Knee Exercise for Women

1. Leg Raises

Stand up at an angle against the wall. Extend your arms to support your weight during the exercise. Lift one leg back as far as you can. Return to the start position. Repeat the movement using your other leg. You may also do this on the floor lying on your stomach.

Leg Raises

Leg Raises

Perform one set of 5 to 10 reps on each side in a smooth, controlled movement, with a good stop at the end position for up to 2 seconds.

We want the glutes and hamstrings to do the majority of the work, with little to no movement in the low back. Focus on bringing the leg and the heel straight back to the start position. Keep your hips and pelvis from rotating or twisting. We are working on the stability of the leg you’re standing on and the supporting hip.

Give these amazing tips and exercises a go, and you’ll cure your knee pain in no time.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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