Muscle Imbalance Exercises

An imbalance in your muscles can lead to pain and injury. If you spend a lot of time in front of computers, your left side might be stronger than your right as a result. We tend to use one side more than the other when we drive or turn our heads to check traffic on that side. This can make that side of the body stronger from all those small movements. To balance out these imbalances, you need to include muscle imbalance exercises in your workout routine. These exercises will help strengthen any weak spots so that they are even again.

Pec Minor Stretch with Foam Roller

You are on your stomach, with your right forearm on a full foam roller and your right elbow just below your right shoulder.

You take two deep breaths, relax your upper body, and rotate your head and shoulders away from the foam roller.

The most important part is the rotating of the shoulders – that hits pec minor the best.

If you want to know if you are stretching pec minor, this video will show you how to find it.

MIRU – Coming to a University Near You

Earlier this week, I got an email from:


They plan to use the Upper Body Edition and the Lower Body Edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed in the curriculum of one of their sports performance classes.

How cool is that?

When I started this MIR thing, I never thought it would be used in colleges and universities, but it is.

I will let you know about a college that is starting to carry my courses online in a little while.

Before the next exercise, I thought this was funny:chicago-green-river Now to the next activity.

Sitting Relaxation Exercise

This exercise came from a Facebook friend. I like it.

A few people have told me that the original “Brugger Relaxation Exercise” is insufficient in a few areas. Therefore, I will keep the exercise in this post as it is. Furthermore, I will make a video on the “Brugger Relaxation Exercise.” There is a vital lesson in it, and I am always learning, growing, and altering. Thank you for your assistance.

Great Exercises From EFI Readers

As you know, I have been giving away DVDs on the EFI Facebook Fan page:

These are all great exercises.

I will put more photos of other activities that EFI FB friends suggested. Thank you all for sharing.

Make sure you visit the EFI Facebook Fan Page to win all kinds of stuff. This week it is a set of MIRU DVDs. Yes, the ones above.

Side-Lying Half Windmill Exercise

This was a suggestion from an EFI Facebook Friend.

I modified it a bit and just did half of the movement.

You are lying on your side with your right leg at a 90-degree bend at the hip and knee. The right leg is resting on a full foam roller. This prevents twisting in the lower back and pelvis, stabilizing the lower body.

Now you move the right arm out front and just below shoulder height. Then you move it straight up, leading with the thumb. When you reach overhead, continue moving the arm behind and back until it is at shoulder height.

Then move the right arm from behind to the front.

Reasons Why I Like This Exercise:

  • I like this exercise because we get overhead movement, which is essential and often ignored.
  • I like the rotation and extension movement created in the thoracic spine. Many people are poor at that.
  • It is in a side-lying position; it is easier to move the arm in full flexion.

I am Amazed at What I Have Learned

The fantastic feedback for MIRU keeps pouring in.

Here are just one of many kinds of words I have gotten:

  • Firstly, I am amazed at what I have learned from reading and watching.
  • I’m finding the information an excellent update on the PFT training and my Phys. Ed. degree years ago.
  • I am impressed with how I have been able to help at least three specific cases with scoliosis, rotator cuff, and SI joint issues.
  • I struggle through the very detailed diagrams of muscles at first and eagerly get to the info on what exercises.
  • Anyway, keep up the excellent work – you do succeed in making me work!
  • I also wanted to add that your resources help me – living in a “rural remote” community where it is expensive to access in-person training.

Thanks so much,

Janice Kyle
Bella Coola, BC
PFT, Chronic Disease Prevention, Nuxalk Nation

That is it. Thanks for reading.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Here are some other exercises EFI Facebook Friends had suggested. I hope this helps:

Here are a few muscle imbalance exercises for you.

It is the first batch of DVDs for Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition – 

They look awesome!

What is on them is even better than how they look.

I did not plan on doing DVDs as more and more people like digital access, but the feedback I got from the 576 exercise enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals that have obtained MIRU is that they want a DVD option, so I have set one up.

They will be available next Tuesday, November 14. Watch for it.

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