Best 2 Back Pain Stretches

Best 2 Back Pain Stretches

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Today, I have a quick video for you when it comes to the two best back pain stretches.

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In this video, I wanted to show you the best two back pain stretches.


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I will get Donnalee to demonstrate them.

Back pain can occur for a variety of reasons and can affect any area of your back. The pain can range from mild to severe and the pain may be bothersome or may seriously impact your mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks. The stretches in this post may surprise you as neither of them actually stretches the back. What people often miss is that the source of their pain or injury is not usually in the same place as the pain or injury. That is why you will be stretching and loosening up your hips with these two stretches. The body is interconnected in ways we are still learning about. What we do know is that when you have tight hips, this can impact your back and cause back pain. When your hips are not moving properly, you may start to compensate with your back, which can lead to you throwing out your back, pulling muscles, not having your full range of motion, or other pain and injuries.

#1 – Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

Place your hand on the wall for balance, and move one leg in front and one leg behind so you are in a lunge position. Stand on the ball of your back foot, lifting your heel up with a slight bend in your knee. Tighten up your abdominal area and shift your hip forward. Look for a light stretch in your quads and hip flexor area. This means you should feel the stretch in the front of your thigh and the front of your hip area.

#2 – Standing Rotating the Leg In & Out

Standing Rotating the Leg In & Out

Standing Rotating the Leg In & Out

Stand on one leg with your hand on the wall, and then rotate your other leg in and out. Focus on loosening up that hip area, which gets tight when dealing with back pain.

The first step loosens up the quads and the hips. The second loosen up things deep in the hip that will help when it comes to back pain. You want to increase your mobility in your hips so that your back does not have to compensate for your tight hips.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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