What To Do About Neck Pain When Squatting

What To Do About Neck Pain When Squatting

In this video, I wanted to explain what to do if you are experiencing neck strain or neck pain when doing the squat.

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I had Dorsy demonstrate.

Some people who are doing the squatting movement, are squatting and bringing their head forward. Having your head forward puts a lot more stress on the neck. When your shoulders are rounded and the head is forward, it puts a lot of stress on the neck area.

The human head weighs about 12 pounds. When your head and neck are in good alignment with the rest of your body, your neck can support the weight of your head without a problem. However, as your head begins to bend forward and down, the weight on your neck increases greatly. If you bend your head only 15 degrees forward, your neck is now supporting 27 pounds. At 30 degrees this weight is about 40 pounds, at 45 degrees it is 49 pounds, and at 60 degrees it is 60 pounds. Unfortunately, this is the position most of us are in when we are texting or working on our laptops. You may have heard this called “text neck”, and it is a major problem for many people.

If the neck is in this position while you perform a squat, the same principles apply, and you can strain or even injure your neck. Use the modification in this post to help keep your head in line with your neck and back to reduce the strain on your neck.

how to do pistols

Pistol Squat

One alternative is called Pistols. Put your hands together, interlock your fingers, and then retract your thumb and point the index fingers. Put them up against your chest and underneath your chin, and then squat. This lines up the head a lot better while squatting.

It is a good cue and feedback in order to keep that head in a good alignment. Having the head in good alignment decreases the stress on the neck and decreases the risk of neck pain when it comes to doing the squat.

Now, I can’t take credit for that cueing. I saw that in a Facebook Q and A page that Dean Somerset had done. If you don’t know who Dean Somerset is, make sure to search the internet as he has a great blog and an awesome Facebook Q and A page. Also, you can check on some of his work at the Muscle Imbalances Revealed series. He participated and contributed to the Lower Body Edition and the Upper Body Edition.

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