Neurodevelopmental Progressions and BCRPA Courses

Neurodevelopmental Progressions and BCRPA Courses

Last weekend I hosted another great course:

Introduction to Muscle Imbalance Testing and Movement Pattern Assessment with Tara Keller

I don’t host Tara that often but I was able to book her to present one of her courses.

I could not stay the whole day but have attended the course before.

Before I left, I did a little video for you.

Neuro-Developmental Progressions with Tara Keller

==> CLICK HERE for the neurodevelopment progression video

If you like what Tara had to say, you will like her blog post series on the shoulder, you can check it out here:

Looking Beyond the Shoulder

If you would like more details on upcoming fitness education courses, CLICK HERE.

Rick Kaselj, MS