Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness Education Webinars

Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness Education Webinars

How do I watch the fitness webinar?

There are three different video formats for the fitness webinar, depending on where you plan to watch the webinar. Please select the appropriate video webinar format for where you plan to watch the webinar and watch it over the internet or download it to your computer. You can choose to view it on a PC (Windows Media Player), Mac (Quicktime), or iPod (Quicktime).

Can I watch the fitness webinar over the internet?

Yes, you watch the fitness webinar over the internet. Your computer will download or “buffer” the entire video for continuous playback. Once the whole presentation has been buffered, you can jump ahead or back in the production. Please note that it could take several minutes (1 to 10 minutes) to ease the entire file to your computer. It is best to download the whole video file to your computer.

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Can I download the fitness webinar to my computer?

Yes, you can. Please do download all the files to your computer. Please select the file that is best for your computer (PC, Mac, iPod) and download it. When you do download, remember where you save them.

Plus, the webinar files are large and could take some time to download to your computer, depending on your internet connection.

Are there handouts for the fitness webinar?

Yes, there is. You can download and print off a handout for the webinar. You can use the flyer to take notes on and follow the webinar.

Does the fitness webinar stay on my computer until I delete it?

Yes, it does. You can keep it on your computer for future reference or delete it off your computer when you are done.

I attended the webinar live. How do I get continuing education credits?

I have kept track of who attended the webinar and who attended the entire length of the webinar. Email rick(at) and let me know that you would like a certificate of completion and what name you would like to appear on the certificate. Please do allow two business days for your certificate to be emailed to you.

I could not attend the fitness webinar live, but I want to earn continuing education credits.

Yes, you can. Complete the exam in the attachment tab of the webinar for the PC file. Send it to me, and I will mark it. You will have passed the course if you get over 80% on the exam. I will send you a certificate of course completion, which you need for your association to continuing education credits.

I am working or training clients where the webinars are being offered. Would the webinars be available for viewing or download later on?

Yes, the webinars will be available for viewing or download if you register before the webinar and can’t make it. About two business days later, I will email you the download information to view, hear and download the webinar. If you missed the webinar, note all of the webinars are recorded, and you can order the webinars.

I need help with the fitness webinar I ordered, or do I have more questions?

Feel free to email me at rick(at), and I can answer any of your questions.

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