Movement Pattern Assessment (Interview with Tara Keller)

I am hosting an amazing presenter.

It is Tara Keller.

Tara is a practicing Kinesiologist in Vancouver, BC, Canada that focuses on working with clients with injuries and movement dysfunction.

In the interview she talks about the two courses that I am hosting:

Introduction to Muscle Imbalance Testing and Movement Pattern Assessment

Corrective Exercise Training for Injury Management and Economy of Movement

Functional Movement Pattern Assessments & Corrective Exercise Training with Tara Keller

 In the interview, Tara Keller will share with you:

What the Introduction to Muscle Imbalance Testing & Functional Fitness Course Covers, including:
– Assessing movement patterns
– Regions of instability

What the Addressing Muscle Imbalance Through Exercise Course Covers, including:
– Strategies for re-establishing functional movement
– Corrective exercises covering regions of instability through the ankles, knees, hip, trunk, pelvic region,
shoulder and neck.

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To get more information on Tara Keller, visit her website by CLICKING HERE .

Thank you so much.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Feel free to email me and let me know what topic you would like to cover in upcoming interviews or fitness professionals you would like me to interview.

Rick Kaselj, MS