Nick Tumminello Seminar in Vancouver

I am so excited to have this international presenter come to Vancouver and share his knowledge with the fitness professionals out here!

It’s Nick Tumminello – he is one of the heavyweights in the fitness industry.

Nick promises to deliver the “mother load” of courses and to give us an amazing weekend of learning and hands-on practice.

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This is what Nick Will Be Covering During the Weekend:


The Secret Training Continuum for Maximal Client Results and Performance

As a trainer and coach, do you ever ask yourself:

  • Are the techniques that I am using the best they can be?
  • Are the exercises I am using leading to maximal performance?

In this two-day course, Nick Tumminello will provide a comprehensive overview of his approach to getting client results and improving performance.

Over the 14 hours of hands-on learning, Nick will take you through his unique approach to working with his clients and athletes.

Nick will share with you the 5 areas of training that are misunderstood when training clients but are essential to getting maximal results.

  1. Joint mobility to achieve performance improvements
  2. Self myofascial release (SMR) for accelerated recovery and improved movement
  3. Easy-to-follow dynamic warm up system to ensure optimal performance every time you train
  4. Smart and effective abs exercises for increased strength and performance, and
  5. Joint friendly strength exercises for maximal results

This is not your regular normal weekend course.

This course will challenge your learning from regular fitness education courses and you will leave having discovered new and unconventional techniques and exercises that you won’t see anywhere else. These techniques will ultimately lead to improved results and performance with your clients.

‎What will be covered in the course:


  • Timing and technique for self joint mobilization for personal training and sport performance
  • Assessment of joint mobility to quickly increase functional ranges of motion in the body
  • What trainers and coaches are doing to causing injury and dysfunction using SMR
  • SMR progressions and regressions for all levels of clients and athletes
  • 10 key factors to designing an effective no stretch time efficient warm up
  • Popular warm up exercises that are dysfunctional and why they should never be used
  • A 3D approach to abdominal training
  • Understanding of which type of corrective exercise protocol will work best and which won’t
  • The best exercises for bad knees, shoulders and back.

INSTRUCTOR – Nick Tumminello

Coach Nick Tumminello is the owner of Performance University – Speed Strength & Conditioning in Baltimore MD, where he works with a variety of clients from professional Bodybuilders and Figure Models to athletes from the NFL and NBA. He is a nationally recognized coach and educator who is known for his innovative exercises and smarter approach to strength & conditioning.

DATE: Saturday, November 19 & Sunday, November 20, 2011

TIME: 8:45 am to 5:00 pm (14 contact hours over 2 days)

LOCATION: Vancouver College – (Cartier & WEst 38th Ave) – Vancouver, BC, Canada



– $449 plus HST

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Important Things to Remember,

  • This is the first time Nick has come to Vancouver
  • This will be the only time Nick will be coming to Vancouver to present this seminar
  • Nick rarely does full weekend seminar.  He usual only does 2 hour talks at various conference

Look forward to seeing you there.

Rick Kaselj, MS