4 Pain-free Chin-up Exercises

4 Pain Free Chin Ups Exercises

Today, I will share a special video from my friend Jedd Johnson, where he talked about some tweaks that you can do if you have wrist, forearm and elbow pain when doing chin-ups. Enjoy!

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For whatever reason, whether it was poor direction when I first started or accumulated injuries, chin-ups give me a lot of trouble. I rarely do them with the standard grip. I can do them, but it’s just not much fun. So, I do them a little bit differently.

Here are some pain-free chin-up exercises to do safely.

1. Chin-ups Using Handles

Chin Ups using handles - pain-free chin-up exercises

Chin-ups Using Handles

With this variation, instead of being locked under the bar like regular chin-ups, I can change the angle slightly to decrease discomfort.

I’m getting back, shoulder and arm action, just like I would with normal chin-ups on a chin-up bar, but without the pain.

2. Chin-ups Using Rock Rings

Grip the rings and do three quick chin-ups with the Rock Rings. It’s all about being able to adjust slightly. Here, you don’t have the bar forcing you into a specific position.

Chin Ups using Rock Rings

Chin-ups Using Rock Rings

3. Chin-ups Using Globe Gripz

The Globe Gripz snaps right under the bar. Instead of being forced into a tight grip, I can rotate to the side slightly.

Getting on the ball will put you on a slightly rotated angle, moving into a submission position to do the chin-ups.

Honestly, this is probably the one that feels the best so far.

Chin Ups using globe gripz - pain-free chin-up exercises

Chin-ups Using Globe Gripz

4. Chin Ups Using BackBull

The BackBull handles don’t rotate as they are fixed, but you can use them for the same purpose. You can grip them in slight supination or slight pronation.

Pronation is like a pull-up grip while supination is like a chin-up grip.

Chin Ups using backbull

Chin-ups Using BackBull

These are some options that you can try. There is absolutely no sense in forcing yourself to do any exercise that hurts as it could cause you bigger problems down the road. You might not see them right away but, months or even years down the road, you are going to have pain that interferes in your workouts.

You want to look at your training as something you can do for longevity. Also, you want to be able to train pain-free as much as possible. When you are hitting multiple sets and reps of exercises, you are going to feel the burn, but that’s different.

When you are feeling pain in a joint or a muscle because it doesn’t work for you ergonomically, that’s a problem. If that’s the case, then you should not do that exercise or think about modifying the exercise. Remember, longevity is important. I hope this video has been helpful.

I wish you luck and all the best with your training. Take care!

Jedd Johnson

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