#1 Posture Exercise If You Sit All Day

Best Posture Exercise If You Sit All Day

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Many of us spend hours sitting in one place, which can lead to back pain over time. This is why it is important to exercise your muscles, including those in your back, regularly. To prevent back pain, people should take frequent breaks and exercise regularly. For example, standing up from a desk can help to stretch muscles in your body and release stress. It’s advised that you don’t spend more than three hours sitting down at any one time throughout the workday. If possible, try walking around or taking short walks while working on-site rather than playing games on your computer or phone for long periods.

To get the most out of every day, you need to pay close attention to your posture. Your posture can make all the difference in your life. Surprisingly, it’s not just someone with poor health who needs to pay attention to their posture, but also those that are quite healthy will benefit from improved postures too! The way you stand and sit plays a vital role in how confident or self-conscious you feel, too, so we need to take good care of our body stances daily for overall well-being.

The best posture exercises strengthen your core and stretch out your lower back. It is important to remember that exercise does not only have to be done in the gym. You can easily do a series of exercises at home without any equipment and still reap benefits for your body. For those who are used to sitting down all day. It’s important to strengthen their core muscles which will help them sit up straight with ease and protect their lower back from injury.

Head Forward Posture

Forward Head Posture

When you are sitting, driving, attending meetings or doing computer and tablet work. You often put yourself into a head-forward posture. This leads to more tension in the neck and more stress in the midback and back of the neck, often leading to headaches, tension, neck pain and shoulder pain.

Here is the best exercise that you can do to fix your forward head posture if you sit all day.

Chin Tucks

One of the simplest ways to improve your posture while seated is by doing a chin tucks exercise. This quick tip places your head, neck, and shoulders in perfect alignment with the spine to keep tension out of joints. Chin tucks are beneficial for people who sit at desks all day and those with mild degenerative conditions like arthritis. It keeps shoulders from rounding forward and improves breathing patterns when done properly.

Sit on a chair in an upright position. Open up your shoulders and drop your chin by bringing the chin back. Perform one set of 5 reps with a good stop of 1 to 2 seconds in the end. You can progress to 10 reps with 5- to 10-second holds.

Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

Give this posture exercise a go if you sit a lot. It will help you fix your head position and overcome neck pain. If you want to instantly improve your posture for greater strength, better health, and energy, then click here to check out the Forward Head Posture FIX program

If you want to instantly improve your posture for greater strength, better health and energy, then click here to check out the Forward Head Posture FIX program.

Forward Head Posture Fix