What Are EMFs And How To Protect Yourself From Them

What Are EMFs and How to Protect Yourself From Them

Unless you live in a cave in the wilderness, you are exposed to many electromagnetic fields (EMFs) every day. EMFs are invisible areas of energy produced by anything that runs on electricity. There’s been a lot of interest lately about EMFs and whether or not they are dangerous. Some say EMFs can generate all kinds of unpleasant symptoms and maybe even cause cancer. Is the danger real? If so, what can you do to protect yourself from EMFs? Let’s find out.


Electromagnetic Fields Are Everywhere

EMFs are everywhere so you should protect yourself from EMFs. For example, the Earth has a natural magnetic field that causes a compass needle to point north. Electric fields and magnetic fields are similar, but there are some differences.

An electric field is produced when electricity flows through a wire or cable, like an electric tower power line. The force that pushes electrons through a wire is called the voltage, and the higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field.

A magnetic field is produced by a flowing electrical current. In general, magnetic fields only occur when a device or power source is turned on. Physical barriers like walls or insulation can weaken electric fields more easily than magnetic fields.

When combined, electric and magnetic fields are electromagnetic fields, and they are a type of radiation. Now, this is not necessarily bad since even the sun is a source of radiation. Still, if you get too much sunlight, it can be harmful.

High-frequency Vs. Low-frequency EMFs

In general, EMFs can be divided into two categories: high and low frequency. Examples of high-frequency EMFs are X-rays and gamma rays. These are very high-intensity and known to be dangerous. Exposure to high-frequency EMFs can lead to DNA damage and can cause cancers. This kind of radiation is called ionizing radiation.

The bigger debate surrounds the low-frequency EMFs, like those associated with power lines, cellphone batteries, microwaves, and a whole list of other devices. This kind of radiation is called non-ionizing radiation.

Sources of non-ionizing radiation in terms of strength can be ranked like this, with the strongest listed first:

  • Microwaves
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellphones
  • Smart meters
  • TV signals
  • Radio signals
  • Computers
  • Power lines

Sources Of Non-Ionizing Radiation

Let’s look at some of these sources individually and see what scientists say about the potential danger and you should protect yourself from EMFs.

1. Microwaves

You might be thinking, “Whoa! Microwaves are at the top of the list. Dangerous!” Remember, though, all the action happens behind the microwave oven door. So, yes, if you stuck your head in the microwave and turned it on, it would hurt you. If you have a newer model that’s in good shape though, little to no harmful radiation should leak out.

What about microwaved food? There have been no conclusive studies to show that microwaves make food or drink harmful. Now, you might not like the texture of microwaved food, but it shouldn’t cause you any health problems.

2. Wi-Fi

Even if it’s bad for you, can you live without Wi-Fi? The EMF produced by Wi-Fi runs at a frequency just a bit lower than microwaves, but Wi-Fi works out in the open with no door. Some claim that energy emitted by Wi-Fi can weaken the blood-brain barrier. Even though the radiation itself may not affect you in this case, toxins from your own blood might pass more easily over to your brain.

Other investigators say that Wi-Fi frequencies can even affect the heart.

This might lead to symptoms, such as:

    • Dizziness
    • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
    • Weakness
    • Jittery feeling or anxiety
    • Fatigue
    • Lightheadedness
    • Trouble concentrating
    • Chest pain or pressure

There are even those who recommend getting rid of Wi-Fi in your home and setting up hard-wired Internet connections instead. A more practical solution might be to place your Wi-Fi router in a place that doesn’t see much human traffic.


3. Cellphones

This might be one of the hottest areas of debate when it comes to EMFs. The reason is not only that so many people have cell phones but also because we carry them so close to our bodies. When we use them to talk, we hold cell phones directly to our heads.

There are anecdotal reports of women who carried their cell phones in their bras and then got breast cancer. This is not scientific proof, but it does call our attention. To date, there have been no conclusive studies linking cell phones with cancer, but some associations have appeared. For example, a few studies show a possible link between some brain or ear tumors and cellphone use.

The limitation of the studies partly has to do with time. Cell phones have only been in widespread use for about 20 years. So, if they do cause cancers, we might only begin to see this trend appear now.

Here are some ways to reduce your risk of potential harm from cellphone EMFs:

    • Limit the length of calls as much as possible; instead, send voice or text messages
    • Keep your cell phone at least an arm’s distance away from your head when you sleep; the farther away, the better
    • Use a phone case attached to your belt or carry it in your purse; this increases the distance from your reproductive organs
    • Do not charge your phone while it’s close to your body like when sleeping
    • Avoid Bluetooth headsets; use a speakerphone or headphones instead

4. Power Lines

These might be the scariest of all EMF sources that you should protect yourself from EMFs. They rise high into the air, and you can even sometimes hear a humming noise from the towers. It just seems like the radiation is oozing out of the lines.

Still, unless the line runs right over your home, you’re probably not at any more risk than when using a microwave oven. The reason is that the distance of the lines from your house is almost always far away enough to dissipate any harmful radiation.

Other Ways To Protect Yourself From EMFs

With the increased use of smart devices, the total EMF load is higher than ever before. It might be a pain, but unplugging devices like smart TVs might be your only escape. Even when these devices are off, they could still be emitting energy. In any case, turn off all tablets and appliances when not in use.

You spend more time in your bedroom than anywhere else. Try to eliminate any electric appliance or device from where you sleep. Don’t be afraid to switch back to a phone with a cable instead of wireless. Plus, unplug the Wi-Fi at night and let your body rest completely.

The potential effect on infants, children, and adolescents is especially concerning. When human organs are still developing, they may be more vulnerable to damage. So, don’t rush out to buy your young child a cellphone. Also, make sure you teach your children healthy habits when using technology. For example, instead of carrying their cell phone in a pocket, tell them to stow it in their backpack or purse.

Finally, try not to use a laptop on your lap. This direct contact is like having a giant cell phone resting on your body. Instead, work at a desk.


  •  Ground Yourself

There’s a little-known practice called earthing that some people claim helps offset the effects of EMFs. Remember how EMFs might weaken the blood-brain barrier? Well, this is thought to be partially due to the overall electric load your body carries during the day. This load is increased all day long by different EMF sources.

With earthing, you let your body make direct contact with the ground. This is a way to discharge your body. Some studies have confirmed that this happens. So, when you walk on grass, dirt, or the beach, the Earth’s natural electrical system resets you.

  • Eat Foods That Protect Against EMF Damage

Whether or not EMFs damage your DNA, there are foods that can protect you just in case. These foods carry a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC).

Some of the foods and herbs in this category are:

    • Pecans
    • Pomegranate seeds
    • Rosemary
    • Asparagus
    • Blueberries
    • Walnuts
    • Prunes
    • Cinnamon
    • Dates
    • Broccoli
    • Cilantro

Electromagnetic Fields And The Future

Inevitably, EMF levels will keep rising. We live in a tech-heavy and connected world. When you go to buy an appliance, ask yourself, “Can I get away with a basic model that doesn’t emit so much radiation?” While no single device alone might do you harm, the accumulation of EMF damage is not clearly understood. The best protection is prevention. So, keep your body healthy as well as your home.

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