Quick Fix for Elbow Pain When Doing Dumbbell Exercises

Quick Fix for Elbow Pain When Doing Dumbbell Exercises

In this video, I go through what to do if you get elbow pain when doing dumbbell exercises.

Elbow pain is most often the result of overusing the joint, repetitive movements, or tendon sprains. For example, if you lift weights that are too heavy or you, do the same exercises over and over again or only focus on particular muscle groups, you may develop elbow pain. Practices such as these create muscular imbalances which increase the stress on your joints, leading to pain and potential injury. Thankfully, there are multiple strategies you can try to decrease your elbow pain while you are lifting weights. The recommendations in this article help decrease the stress placed on your elbows to help eliminate your elbow pain.

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There are 2 tips that I can give you.

#1 – Swap out the Dumbbells for a Barbell

Do your exercises utilizing the barbell so you can have help from both sides. Instead of isolating each arm with the dumbbells (and each arm having to work independently to do the exercise), using a barbell enables you to get assistance from both sides. If you have one side that is a little stronger than the other, it will compensate for the other side.

#2 – Use Wrist Straps or Lifting Straps

Using a Wrist Strap or a Lifting Strap

Using a Wrist Strap or a Lifting Strap

Use either wrist straps or lifting straps when using the dumbbells. Put them on and wrap them around the dumbbells and tighten it up. By doing this, a lot of the load is put onto the wrist and there’s no need to work as hard in the grip to do the exercise. If you don’t grip as hard with the hand and fist, there will be less stress on the elbow joint.

If you are having elbow pain when utilizing the dumbbells while exercising, you can try those two suggestions. You can swap out the dumbbells for the barbell or you can get the wrist straps or lifting straps while doing the dumbbell exercises to decrease how much grip strength you need to decrease the stress on your elbows.

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Rick Kaselj, MS.

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