Quick Hotel Room Workout

Today, I got another workout for you.

It is from Shawna Kaminski.


Shawna was one of the 40 fitness professionals that was at the mastermind meetings in Las Vegas last week.

While we were at our meetings, we go chatting about workouting while traveling and one things she uses to get an intense and quick workout is a jump rope. 

I asked if she could share a workout and she said, yes. 

Enjoy the workout and talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey, I’m Shawna K. from ChallengeWorkouts.com. I am actually here in Vegas and I am with my good friend Rick Kaselj and we are here for a mastermind meeting. We stepped out of the meeting because I wanted to share with Rick’s readers, viewers and fans the benefits of jump rope and a quick workout that you can do.

Quick Hotel Room Workout with Shawna Kaminski

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I do not enjoy running. Actually, I do but my knees don’t enjoy running It gives me knee pain. But I really enjoy the jump rope and one reason that the jump rope is friendly for your knees. One way jump rope relives stress on your joint is if you do the double jump you are taking your bodyweight on both feet instead of on one so it is much easier on your joints.

double jump

Double Jump Rope

Remember, you only jump like a quarter inch to get over that rope so there’s really not much impact compared to running. That is one reason that I love jump rope..

The other reason is jump rope can be super intense. You could run for half an hour but I dare you to try and jump rope for half an hour, it’s a much more intense workout.

Now, I am going to share a little workout with you that I did in my hotel room, just today. It’s a full body workout. It is bodyweight and your jump rope.

Whether you are knee friendly or not, there is a variety of jump rope steps that you can do. You can really just do the double jump. Then you just go down and do some push-ups depending on what level you are at.

#1 – Bodyweight Push-up

Push Up

Push Up

I usually time my workouts. I might do 30 seconds of jump rope and 30 seconds of push-ups or you might push it to a minute of jump rope and 30 seconds of push-ups. I really like the minute of jump rope if you are a little bit more advanced but go with whatever works for you.

#2 – Bodyweight Squat with Jump Rope Overhead

You are going to do the jump rope again and then hold your jump rope over the head and do a bodyweight squat.

Bodyweight Squat with Jump Rope over the head

Bodyweight Squat with Jump Rope over head

What I like about this is that it also going to work that upper back and it helps with that squatting position. It’s almost self-correcting.

If your hands are in front, you know that you are bending at the waist.

Jump Rope in front

Jump Rope in front (wrong)

You try to keep those hands over the top of your head and then you are going to go back to the jump rope.

#3 – Wall Sits and Stick Up

Then you are going to finish up some kind of a double duty. I am going to do a wall sit and I am going to do the wall stick up.

Wall Sit

Wall Sit Up

Wall Stick Up

Wall Stick Up

Trust me this wall stick up does not look like much. What I am trying to do is I am trying to push this wall back behind me so I am really squeezing through that upper back, that’s a really fantastic upper back exercise.

Reviewing the Workout:

  1. Jump rope
  2. Push-up
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Overhead Squat
  5. Jump rope
  6. Wall Sit and Stick Up

Those are 3 bodyweight exercises with jump rope intervals. You are going to go through them 3 to 4 times. I am small so I can jump rope anywhere. You just need maybe a little bit taller ceiling if you are a little bit taller but I love the jump rope even if are not runner friendly.

There you go, enjoy the workout and if you are looking for more jump rope workouts, then check out Challenge Jump Rope Workouts, here:


Shawna Kaminski