How The Acidity of Your Blood Affects Your Health

Hey, I am back.

Today, I have an interview for you with Yuri Elkaim on blood acidity.

I have never though about how the acidity of my blood could affect my health. Yuri explains why you need to know your blood acidity and what you can do if it is too high.

Yuri and I go into more details here…..

How The Acidity of Your Blood Affects Your Health with Yuri Elkaim and Rick Kaselj Interview

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In the above interview, you will discover:

  • Who is Yuri Elkaim?
  • Details on his new book ~ All-Day Energy Diet
  • Why pH in the blood is important!
  • What causes blood acidity?
  • How to check our body’s PH level
  • What affects the body’s PH level
  • What is PRAL and how to calculate it
  • What are the symptoms of having high blood acidity
  • What are the benefits of an alkaline diet
  • How a balanced pH helps athletes recover

I hope you enjoy the interview.

If you would like more information on Yuri Elkaim, you can visit him here .


Awesome interview, eh!

I know, it was great.

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P.S. – Now this is part 1 of the interview. I will be back tomorrow with part 2. It is about vampires. It will be great.