Shoulder Pain and Exercise

Shoulder Pain and Exercise

I have a project coming up and need examples of how what I do has helped you or one of your clients. 

I need you to be specific.

In your reply can you include what I did that helped (product, video, article, what it helped (injury, shoulder, rotator cuff, muscle imbalances, get pain-free, performance, etc.) and how it changed your life.

I will be picking a winner with the best response and sending them the full DVD set of Muscle Imbalances Revealed — yes all 12 DVDs ($299 value) or if there is another product of mine you would like, I can give that to you instead as a thank you.

Plus, with every 25 replies, I will give another set away.

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Thank you for your help and I know you will love the project that I have going on.

P.S. – I did an interview with Kevin Davis on what is new when is comes to shoulder pain and exercise. You can watch it here:

Shoulder Pain and Exercise – Part 1

Rick Kaselj, MS

Shoulder Pain Solved