Jimmy Smith on Social Media & Your Post Rehab Exercise Business

Jimmy Smith on Social Media & Your Post Rehab Exercise Business

jimmy_smith_post_rehab_exercise_business_social_mediaToday I got an interview that will help you build your post rehab exercise business with social media.

There has been all kinds of hype when it comes to social media.  I can tell you, I have been using it to help my exercise rehabilitation business.  I started about 2 to 3 years ago with a blog.  Over the last 6 months, I have finaly figured it out and how it can help me get more clients.  I will be covering how I use social media in the 17 Ways to Get More Exercise Rehabilitation Clients Using Social Media webinar.

I interview Jimmy Smith who is a personal trainer in Stamford, Connecticut.  He has used social media to help his personal training business.  Jimmy is going to share a number of tips on how you can use social media to help with your exercise rehabilitation business.

What is Covered in the Social Media for the Post Rehab Exercise Business Interview with Jimmy Smith:

– What should fitness professionals do when starting out with social media
– The three ways social media has helped his training business
– How should fitness professionals use social media
– Resources that fitness professionals should use to help them with social media
– What three social media site fitness professionals should be using
– How often to do social media
– What are the best social media services
– Social Media and Privacy

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Thank you so much Jimmy for the great interview.  To get more information on Jimmy Smith make sure you visit http://jimmysmithtraining.com/

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