Jimmy Smith on Social Media & Your Post Rehab Exercise Business

Jimmy Smith on Social Media & Your Post Rehab Exercise Business

There have been all kinds of hype when it comes to social media. I started about 2 to 3 years ago with a blog. Over the last six months, I have figured it out and how it can help me get more clients. In the 17 Ways to Get More Exercise Rehabilitation Clients Using Social Media webinar, I will cover how I use social media.

Jimmy Smith is a personal trainer in Stamford, Connecticut. He has used social media to help his training business. Jimmy shared some tips on using social media to help with the exercise rehabilitation business.

Social Media on Your Post Rehab Exercise Business

Social Media is a great way to reach people who have already expressed interest in the product or service. It creates hype and lets consumers know more about what they buy before buying it. Social media has created an online community that helps promote products and services by word of mouth, increasing sales on a business’s website, app, storefront, etc., because people like being part of something famous. It helps training companies:

  1. To provide better training delivered with more efficiency and less cost
  2. Ability to reach a wider audience than ever before 
  3. Easier access to the latest in technologies, such as wearables

Social media can be used for many reasons, including connecting with potential and current clients or even the general public to promote your business. When starting with social media, a fitness professional’s first thing is creating a profile. This process will take some time, patience, and effort on behalf of the individual involved, so it’s essential that they put in quality work before anything else begins happening online.

One of the best resources for fitness professionals to use social media strategically is following a schedule. Developing a plan with specific posts, hashtags, and other unique content will help you build an engaged audience through consistency. Another important consideration when using social media as part of your marketing strategy is targeting each platform. For example, Instagram might be good for capturing more visual attention than Facebook or Twitter, where links and text dominate the feed.

socmed pst exercise rehab

The Power of Social Media

The growth of digital media has made it easier for people interested in healthy living to finding information online. However, some would argue that there are downsides, such as increased competition from other health bloggers/personalities who have created strong followings simply because they have made themselves visible on social media (i.e., Facebook).

Social Media can be an essential marketing outlet where personal trainers can share workouts, diet tips, and inspirational quotes with potential clients all day! It’s easy to see how social Media is a powerful tool for fitness professionals. It allows them to get their message out widely and cheaply, which inspires more people – especially those who are on the fence about getting fit or just starting their journey – than ever before.

Fitness professionals should take advantage of this valuable opportunity by constantly posting new content – both videos and articles – to attract prospective customers while providing proper guidance through Instagram Stories or Twitter chats.

I interviewed Jimmy Smith, a personal trainer in Stamford, Connecticut. He has used social media to help his training business. Jimmy will share several tips on how to use social media to help with your exercise rehabilitation business.

What is Covered in the Social Media for the Post Rehab Exercise Business Interview with Jimmy Smith:

  • What should fitness professionals do when starting with social Media
  • The three ways social media has helped his training business
  • How should fitness professionals use social media
  • Resources that fitness professionals should use to help them with social Media
  • What three social media sites should fitness professionals be using
  • How often do social media
  • What are the best social media services
  • Social Media and Privacy

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