Best Exercise To Fix Rounded Shoulders Posture

Best Exercise To Fix Rounded Shoulders Posture

Posture is something we take for granted a lot of the time. We all know that it’s important to maintain good posture and work out just as hard as you work out in the gym. But, what do you do when your body shape doesn’t suit most traditional exercises? That’s where this article comes in. Here are the best exercises for fix rounded shoulders posture.

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What Causes Rounded Shoulder Posture?

Round shoulders are not a medical issue, but a sign of poor posture. What’s more, there is no reason to feel like you have to hide this postural misstep from others around you because it will only make them point it out further!

If you spend hours of your day in this position, either reading or using a computer. After many days it is possible to develop rounded shoulders. It takes time for our body to get used to the activity. This would be the result of spending too much time in one place. The shoulder starts feeling sore when they are not used often enough and rested. When the muscles become overly tired they will naturally drop into a more relaxed posture that doesn’t lift as well. Which could lead to injury or pain if continued long-term due to overuse problems associated with performing those activities excessively without sufficient rest periods.

Over time, your shoulders may develop rounded edges as certain muscles in the back and shoulders get tight and other muscles become long and weak. To change this you need to be mindful of sitting position and posture. Which will likely require some exercise or stretching targeted at specific muscle groups that are too weak.

Rounded shoulders can be fixed by doing the following:

  • Modify your sitting position
  • Modify your chair
  • Maintain proper posture even during rounded shoulders posture exercise.

The following exercise will help in managing rounded shoulders:

This exercise is called the Reach and Pull Back exercise.

Reach and Pull BackReach and Pull Back

Reach forward, rounding through your shoulders and dropping your head, and then reverse those rounded shoulders. Sit upright, reach forward and then pull back in good alignment with the shoulders and the elbows, then bring the hands out.

Do a couple of repetitions, starting from 5 reps. Go through a smooth controlled movement with the exercise and hold that end position for about 5 seconds.

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We may not realize the role our shoulders play, but they do have significant health benefits. Those exercises mentioned above will help you!

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