Suspension Trainer Review

Suspension Trainer Review

Suspension trainers are similar to resistance bands but with one key difference. They have a long chain or strap that you can adjust to increase or decrease the resistance. Here’s the suspension trainer review, where you can change the length of the chain, reducing the resistance and lifting your body. 

If you are looking to improve your strength, there is a push-up variation that will suit you.

Got three things for you today on suspension training; enjoy!

3 Best Push-Up Variations that You Are Not Doing

  1. Spiderman Push-up – this push-up is one of our favorite ways to mix things up and challenge ourselves with the trusty TRX trainer. It might look like another weird variation on a classic, but this push-up will have you sweating and shaking in no time.
  2. Oblique Crunch with a Push-Up – this variation aims to target the obliques and train them effectively. There are not too many options available to you. However, one of the best ways to target your obliques is by performing an oblique crunch push-up using a TRX trainer. 
  3. Push-Ups with Backward and Forward Jumping – a push-up using a TRX trainer can be a helpful alternative. You can do these in your living room, hotel room, or wherever you keep your TRX straps. This variation is one of the most challenging exercises to build upper body strength and toned arms. You might be afraid of being too clumsy or falling over during the exercise, but trust us: It’s much easier than it looks. The key is to keep your body aligned from head to toe throughout all the jumping and pushing movements. Once you master these two variations, you can repeat them again and again for a great full-body workout that doesn’t take long!  

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Is Suspension Training for Anyone Older than 40?

Short answer: yes, but with some precautions. 

Long answer: it all depends on your fitness level and medical conditions. As we age, our joints and muscles start to lose some of their elasticity. For this reason, it is advisable for adults 40 and over to work out and exercise for strength and muscle-building to maintain strong muscles as they are old.

Suspension Trainer Review

TRX push-ups are challenging. But they also are a great way to scale any push-up challenge to suit your fitness level.

Try adding movements to your daily routine. Suppose you want to mix up your push-up routine and avoid getting stuck in a workout rut. Push-ups combined with uniquely built motions using a TRX trainer will engage more muscles than standard push-ups. And provide an excellent upper-body workout. 

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Suspension Trainer Review: trainer

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