Thank You For Helping

Thank You For Helping

Before you get into what you have learned from your good personal trainer, let them know everything you have achieved. Let them know how far you have come since you started. This will show them that you are dedicated to your fitness goals and willing to try to achieve them. They will be pleased because they know they have a client who will continue progressing on their fitness journey. This will also make your trainer more motivated to keep training you. They will know that what they do is worth it and important.

The Importance of a Good Personal Trainer

A personal trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals much faster than if you were to do it on your own. It will help you achieve fitness goals like losing fat, gaining muscle, and improving cardiovascular health. A good trainer will also help you avoid injuries and correct posture. A good trainer is an investment; you must ensure you find a good one. If you have a poor or unqualified trainer, you could do more harm than good. You could end up with an injury that will take you out of the gym for weeks or months. You could also waste a lot of time doing exercises that won’t help you achieve your fitness goals. A good trainer will help you set realistic fitness goals and help you reach them faster.

Personal Trainer

I am sitting on the couch, answering a few customer support queries. 

Those are a few that I thought would catch your interest.

Here you go:

Currently, I have zero back pain. I invested in your Fix My Back Pain program to have a valuable resource if and when I need it.

I did this video specifically for you

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video

I’ve been using your Knee Primer Workout every time I exercise lately. I enjoy the quick and effective exercises a lot. My medial meniscus in my left knee has improved a lot (I tore my meniscus while doing CrossFit last year. It wasn’t fixed properly, and it bothered me a lot. Thanks for your excellent job!). 

Your advice in Fix My Knee Pain to increase my daily water intake, eat more vegetables and fruit, and take your advice to heart has resulted in my knees feeling great and being strong. My left knee’s ROM is almost back to 100%. 

I have scoliosis and consider myself to be a person who exercises with great pleasure. Exercising has enhanced my posture, muscle tone, flexibility, strength, and endurance, among other things. I breathe well. I rely on your Effective Scoliosis Exercises manual for information on scoliosis from time to time. 

Thank you for all your research and your desire to help people. I appreciate you. 


#2 – Great Video


I never watch videos longer than 3 minutes! This was the Best! and I stay tuned the whole hour and a half!

Thank you for such motivation and to confirm what I tell my clients is right on!

Have a very blessed and happy week!

B 🙂

Thank you, B.

She is talking about this video.

#3 – Great Pain Series!

I very much am impressed with the whole Fix My Pain Series. I have been following you for some time and I appreciate and value your expertise.

Thank you for the research as it certainly helps Trainers like myself to add value to the service I give my clients.


Thank you for the emails, everyone.

If you have ordered Fix My Back Pain and have sent me any questions on the program or your situation, I have gotten back to you, so check your email box for my reply.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Knee Pain Solved