The Triple Stack Workout Finisher

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Thank you to all those that ran towards danger and helped protect everyone and our country.

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It is tough to transition into what I have for you today but let me give it a go.

Today, I have another great workout from Mike Whitfield.

Enjoy and give it a go.

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Hey it’s Mike Whitfield here with Workout Finishers. I have a special treat to Bodyweight Finisher that you could plug in at the end of your workout. This is going to improve your conditioning as well as help you burn more fat and just improve your overall fitness. Make sure that this is done at the end of your workout because it is really intense. It doesn’t require any equipment.

The Triple Stack Workout Finisher

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Before I go any further, you are going to do this as many times as you can in 3 minutes.

That’s right, just 3 minutes. But we are going to do a lot of volume in that time. In other words, the only time you rest is because your form is getting sloppy. That’s the only reason why you should rest.

#1 – Broad Jump or Bodyweight Squat

You start with the squat position and then you are going to jump forward and land on a squat position. The reason why you want to land in that squat position is you want to minimize impact on your knees and prevent knee pain.

Broad Jump

Broad Jump

But if you can’t do broad jumps, no worries, you can just do regular Bodyweight Squat.

Bodyweight Squat

Bodyweight Squat

We are going one out and one back for the broad jump, that’s it!

#2 – Triple Stop Push Up

We are going to add a tweak to the regular push up.

You are going to pause twice as you go down and pause twice as you go up with the push up.

Triple Stop Push Up

Triple Stop Push Up

#3 –Triple Stop Bodyweight Squat

Triple Stop Bodyweight Squat

Triple Stop Bodyweight Squat

Have your feet at shoulder width apart. You are going to pause half way, pause again at the bottom, and then pause half way as you go up and then stand up, that’s one rep.

Then you are going to go right back to the Broad Jump.

You are just going to do one rep of everything.

So it means that you are going to get up and down quite a bit and that’s going to get your heart rate going but this is a great way to just give your body a shock as far as the new set and reps as you use this weird one rep at a time thing but also we are using some calisthenics to get your heart rate up.

Again, if you don’t want to do those broad jumps, you can just replace those with bodyweight squats. Do as many rounds as you can in 3 minutes. Have fun. It looks easy on paper but it’s tough once you get moving and that’s a great finale to your workout. I will talk to you next time.

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Mike Whitfield