The Truth About Pilates

The Truth About Pilates

I am working on being more and more open to other movement practices.

I can learn a lot from how they approach things, the cueing they use, the movement progressions they use, and other stuff.

A lot of times, the other stuff is missing in what I do.

One of those things is pilates.

You have seen Sylvia on EFI before but here she is again talking about “The Truth About Pilates”


It’s been said Pilates is only a stretching exercise for dancers and women and far too easy to be a real workout. This is the norm of what Pilates is to many when you ask them what they think it’s all about.

I would agree but to a certain extent.

Have you ever experienced a fitness program and found it to be easy and not very challenging, even though everyone around you is saying it’s tough. It comes down to the program you are doing and how the program is laid out.

I’ve been told by so many people who have gone into a group Pilates class in those big box gyms and walked out thinking it was the easiest thing in the world. That is until they were introduced to my Pilates program. It’s the method in which the program is delivered that’s to blame for the intensity of the work.

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