Thinking Beyond the Physical with Elliott Hulse

Thinking Beyond the Physical with Elliott Hulse

Training is one of the essential parts of any athlete’s life. It helps them improve their physical abilities and is a great way to relieve stress. However, physical training should not be your only focus as an athlete. You need to think beyond the physical and train your mind as well. We all know that reason is powerful and can help us succeed in anything we put our minds to. To become a better athlete, you need to strengthen your mind just as much as you do your body. This blog post will give you some helpful tips on how to think beyond the physical when it comes to training for your sport.Thinking Beyond the Physical

I got a little lost with this interview.

I had an interview with Elliott Hulse.

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Thinking Beyond the Physical

  • He talks about how he went from strength training into intense man competitions.
  • Different techniques he has combined into his training
  • How his biceps injury expanded this thinking when it comes to training and lifts
  • Elliott gives a little background on who he is
  • He talks about how he tore his biceps
  • What it looked like when he tore his biceps
  • What not to do if you pull your biceps
  • How an injury forces you to slow down and look back at your life
  • The overlooked yin and yang of an injury
  • How the autonomic nervous system affects one’s injury recovery
  • The yin (parasympathetic nervous system) and yang (sympathetic nervous system) when it comes to training and rehab
  • We focus too much on the yang, so how can we stimulate the yin
  • Exercises and movements that stimulate the yin/parasympathetic nervous system in the body
  • He focused on more than just the physical side of his biceps injury
  • How his injury has changed how he organized his new gym
  • Some references on where to get information on these exercises and movements
  • One quick test to see which part of the autonomic nervous system is being stimulated in yourself

Elliott Hulse is a strength coach and personal trainer in Florida who does many unique things related to helping people get more robust.

Here is a photo of Elliott and me at a conference in California last year.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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