Top 3 Hip Pain Massage Exercises

Top 3 Hip Pain Massage Exercises

Many people develop chronic hip pain from age, injury, or arthritis. Our muscles weaken, joints crack, and bones become more fragile as we age. All of these factors can lead to hip pain which is a common problem that affects many people. The best way to release and relieve painful areas is by performing hip pain exercises on those areas.

Massage is a great way to relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and tension in your body. It can also improve circulation and relieve stress. When done correctly, deep pressure massage stimulates the body’s large muscles with long strokes to release tension and soothe sore muscles. Here are three of the best hip pain massage exercises that you can do at home or during a deep tissue session with your therapist.

Top 3 Hip Pain Massage Exercises

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1. Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius is a muscle in the hip area that often builds tension and tightness, especially if you have hip pain or poor stability in the hip. Frequently, it is ignored and not addressed when it comes to stretching and massaging things out. The foam roller is an excellent tool that you can use in order to self-massage that area.

Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius- hip pain exercises

Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius

Sit on a foam roller at a 45 degree angle on your right side. Roll the foam roller from just above the sit bones, down to above the pelvis area and then return. Roll up through the muscle to the top of the pelvis that targets the gluteus medius. Do 5 repetitions each way, so a total of 10 smooth controlled movement. You should feel sensitivity as you are massaging through that tight muscle.

2. Foam Rolling Out the Piriformis

Bring your right leg across, opening up your pelvis area, and then move around the sit bone in order to target piriformis. Piriformis is a deep muscle in the hip that often gets tight leading to hip pain.

Foam Rolling Out the Piriformis

Foam Rolling Out the Piriformis

Start with less than 10 repetitions. For instance, do 3 repetitions each way, especially if it is really sensitive (because we need to have a balance). If you overdo it or over self-massage, you can irritate the muscle. Progress up to 5 repetitions each way, for a total of 10 repetitions.

3. Foam Rolling Out the Adductor

Foam Rolling Out the Adductor

Foam Rolling Out the Adductor

Ensure that your lower leg is in line with the foam roller. Roll the foam roller towards your body, stop, and then roll back out. The key is to maintain a smooth controlled movement with light sensitivity feeling rather than screaming pain.


There are many different types of massage therapies available, and they each have their pros and cons. However, there are three specific types of massage that tend to help with hip pain. These massages are less invasive than others and can be done at home as well.

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