2 Quad Muscle Stretches for the Knee

2 Quad Muscle Stretches for the Knee copy

Exercise Rehab of the KneeI had a running client that was wanting a tibialis anterior stretch because he was feeling a lot of tightness in his shin.

I showed him how to modify the good old quad stretch to be a tibialis anterior stretch.

The tibialis anterior gets tight in people that walk, run and hike so it is an important area to stretch.

Let me go through how to turn the good old quad stretch into two effective stretches for the knee and runners.

The good old quad stretch focus on rectus femoris and the new quad stretch on tibialis anterior.

Good Old Quad Stretch:

–  grab something for support in order to eliminate balance so you can end up focusing on the stretch
– lean your weight onto one leg
– grabbing the forefoot
– pulling the heel towards the seat
– now move the knee back a touch
– you are looking for a stretch in the quadriceps or the rectus femoris

New Tibialis Anterior Quad Stretch:

– take your footwear off
– lean your weight onto one leg
– shift your hand position more towards the toes and pull your toes back
– bring the heel towards to the seat
– then bringing the knee back a touch

With the toes pulled back, you get a tibialis anterior stretch and a rectus femoris stretch.

If the stretch ends up being to strong of a stretch, I can bring the knee more forward and just focus on the tibialis anterior stretch.

Now here is a video where I go through the two quadriceps stretches.  The first one focusing on a rectus femoris stretch and the second on a tibialis anterior stretch.

==>  CLICK HERE for the tibialis anterior and rectus femoris stretch

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That is it for now.

Rick Kaselj, MS