2 Quad Muscle Stretches for the Knee

2 Quad Muscle Stretches for the Knee copy

The quadriceps muscles are one of four sets of muscles in your body that make up your thigh and attach to the top front of your femur. The knee is a hinge joint, which means that the bones of the lower leg (tibia) and upper leg (femur) meet at this joint to form a “hinge,” or pivot point for movement. Muscles are attached to these bones on either side of the joint. When they contract, they pull on the tibia and femur. This motion causes the knee to bend or straighten.

Good Old Quad Stretch:

The traditional quad stretch is pretty simple. Sit on a chair with one leg resting on the arm and the other dangling in front of you. Rest your free leg on the chair leg or other suitable object, avoiding pressure on your back leg as you hang out there for at least thirty seconds before switching sides. 

This may not be a straightforward exercise for those with limited mobility but don’t worry; there are many variations! Instead of sitting on one object while placing both feet on opposite arms (as shown in the picture), sit down on two things and spread your legs apart behind you until they are parallel. All great alternatives if sticking solely to the classic version isn’t cutting it anymore!

New Tibialis Anterior Quad Stretch

The Tibialis Anterior Muscle stretches from the inside of your ankle to just under your knee. The muscle is responsible for inward rotation and adduction at the ankle, facilitating walking, running, or jumping. 

Stretching the quadriceps muscles is essential to maintain knee joint mobility. The two stretches included below should be done slowly and flexibly, emphasizing breathing deeply as you stretch. 

To do these exercises properly:

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Rick Kaselj, MS