What To Do About An Elevated Shoulder

What To Do About An Elevated Shoulder

An elevated shoulder is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain and is often aggravated by activities like throwing or lifting objects above your head.

I’m sharing my recent Google Hangout, where I will answer your questions. This question came from customer support and it’s from Laura A.

“Hi Rick! I just wanted to ask if you have any suggestions on how to fix a shoulder height imbalance. My left shoulder is significantly higher than my right and I am not exactly sure what I should do to fix that. I look forward to hearing back from you”.

What To Do About An Elevated Shoulder

First, we all tend to have differences on our shoulders. Usually, our dominant side that we use all the time sits slightly lower than the other side. This is because we use that shoulder a lot more, so it’s a lot loser and hangs down more. Second, there could also be a difference if you had a previous injury in one of your shoulders that might affect the height that you have in your shoulder.

Look at Your Upper Trapezius

Third, you must look at your upper trapezius, as it could be overactive. The previous injury might have caused it to be overactive, you might have stress that congregates there, or you might have poor posture. It would help if you worked on deactivating and relaxing that upper trap.

upper trapezius

Activating The Shoulder Blade Muscles

Fourth, work on activating the shoulder blade muscles, specifically the lower trapezius. This will help move that shoulder blade towards the midline or the spine. Finally, do downward punches. Take a pulley or resistant tubing and push/punch down. This will help lower the shoulder. You are activating the serratus anterior, one of the shoulder blade muscles, some of the other shoulder blade muscles, and the lower trapezius. Work on activating those muscles that help turn off the upper trapezius.

How to Do Downward Punches

Downward Punches

So there you go, Laura! Give those exercises and ideas a go! I will do a more comprehensive YouTube video when I enter the gym where I will go through these exercises a little more and some lower trapezius exercises.

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