What to do About Wrist Pain During Push Ups

The response from yesterday’s video was great.

Now here is my #1 tip when it comes to wrist pain and push ups.

I never mentioned it in the video but this is not meant to be a nerve stretch.

For some people they may feel a stretch in their median nerve; if you do, discontinue the exercise.

Then look at your neck, mid-back and shoulder position when performing the exercise. Having these areas out of alignment may have led to excess stress on the nerve and not enough of a stretch on the fascia.

Before someone emails me, yes nerve gliding exercises are very important when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome recovery.

If you or your client has carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to be doing nerve gliding exercises for the median nerve.

If you missed it yesterday, here is the video with 3 other tips on what to do about wrist pain and push ups.

It is here. Fix My Wrist Pain program is ready for you: