Who Let the Chickens Out?

Who Let the Chickens Out

Whistler and Denver

Both destinations have an extensive range of activities, restaurants, and accommodations for visitors. You’ll want to remember that the weather can change quickly when visiting either location. It would help if you also kept in mind that the best time to visit either place is during the fall and winter. When booking your trip, you can book well in advance to get the best deals or wait until the last minute to find cheaper accommodation. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to visiting two popular destinations for your next weekend trip from Vancouver.
This blog post will discuss what you should remember when planning your trip to Whistler and Denver.

Travel Expectations in Whistler and Denver

There are many similarities between Whistler and Denver, which over chose to cover the two in a single blog post. Let’s begin with a quick overview of what to expect when visiting both destinations. – Adventure seekers – If you’re an adventure seeker, you’ll find no shortage of activities in these two destinations. In Whistler, you’ll find one of the best skiing destinations in the world. In Denver, you’ll find hiking and mountain climbing at it is there. – Nature lovers – Nature lovers will also love these destinations, their beauty, and the many opportunities for wildlife sightings. Denver is renowned for its Rocky Mountain peaks, lakes, and rivers. Whistler, on the other hand, offers a wide range of mountains, lakes, and rivers. Although Denver has lost much of its traditional character, it still maintains much.

Two weekends ago, I was in Denver, and I was in Whistler this past weekend.

But before I get to that, this was my son last night.

No work last weekend but a birthday weekend with my wife. We loaded the kids with sugar and handed them to our parents for the weekend.

Things move a lot slower when there are no kids around. It gave me time to reflect on things.

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Here are 39 things that crossed my mind while in Whistler:

1. Stop Feeding Your Brain Noise

I find I need to walk in silence. With voice mail, cellular phones, MP3 players, YouTube, TV, kids, radio, etc., there is constant noise — and when that noise is gone, we try to find noise to replace it. I find that I need to enjoy some silence every day for 15 minutes.

2. I Drink Way Too Much

I went from drinking a lot of alcohol to consuming very little, but now I drink a lot of water. At 20 employees in, I became a little apathetic about moving well and sensed a “click” in my back.

3. Make Sure to Leave the House Without It

I am starting to create rules where I don’t bring my cellular phone with me. It is nice to be free.

4. Nothing is Urgent

I think I have only had one urgent email over the last 6-weeks, and if I think about it, it was not that urgent.

5. I Like To Drive Slow

In my neighborhood, there is a park. For some reason, people like to speed through it. I want to drive slowly through it. This irritates a few people, but if I am a few minutes late, the world will not come to an end.

6. Nothing is 100% New

Being in the fitness industry since 1994, very little is new. I am often reminded of things I have forgotten, shown a new way of looking at things, and given a few new nuggets of information.

7. Beginner Mind

Just because I do it one way does not mean it is the right or only way. I try to keep a beginner’s mind when someone explains something or shows me something. This has helped me better understand what I do and understand others.

8. Reducing the Monster

I find I spend more and more time doing what I can to decrease stress. Often it is not something big but something small. If I am 5 minutes late, stressing about it will not make it better. Apologizing, explaining, and moving on does the trick.

9. Dream

Every year, I focus on 2 to 3 dreams for the year. When I think about them and work towards them every day by the end of the year, I often reach them.

10. Monkey See, Monkey Do

The monkeys are watching you. The monkeys in my life are my kids. When I say something dumb, they repeat it. When I do something dumb, they repeat it. Not sure why. When I do say something clever or do something innovative, they don’t repeat it. I need to work on that.

11. Know a Little

I’d rather know a lot about a few things than know a little about everything.

12. Avocado

I am starting to like avocado.

13. Poor Sleep Affects My Eyes

If I do not sleep well, my eyes don’t work well.

14. Just Visiting

Most people come into your life for some time and move on. Very few people stick around for the entire ride.

15. Invest in a Few

Better to invest in a few tremendous deep relationships instead of a lot of shallow ones.

16. You Won’t Figure It Out

I have stopped trying to figure people out. I am never right, it takes too much time and energy, so I have just stopped. People will be people.

17. Good Cup

One good cup of coffee beats a lot of cups of bad coffee.

18. Veggies

I need to eat my veggies, or my body rebels.

19. Good versus A Lot

I’d rather have one good beer than a six-pack of poor beer.

20. Deadlifts are Cool

I did not get the big deal about deadlifting until someone showed me how to do it right and loaded up the weight. Now I like them and look forward to them.

21. No Bad Ones

There a no insufficient exercises, just inappropriate use.

22. Pro-D Days

You do not know how many Pro-D Days there are until your kids start attending school. I wish I had this many paid Pro-D Days to participate in seminars during the week and learn.

23. My Clients Are the Best Teachers

I learn the most from my clients and those that attend my courses.

24. Movement

Get the body and joints moving well, and everything else works itself out.

25. Protection

Working on stability helps protect the joints. Spend some time doing this because this will become more important than anything else as time passes.

26. Know It All

When I was 20, I knew it all. As I approach 40, I realize how little I know.

27. More to Learn

The most significant changes to what I do occur when I learn what other professionals are doing.

28. Haters

There are haters everywhere. Let them hate on their own and ignore them.

29. Minimal Stuff

You can get significant injury and pain recovery results with minimal equipment.

30. The Best Fix

The person that can fix you the best and fastest is yourself.

31. Worst Enemy

We are our own worst enemy. We often slow down our recovery from pain and injury.

32. Write

It will last longer than you ever will and help reach more people than you could work one-on-one.

33. Try Something Different

We get so set in our ways with our routines. An example is the coffee we drink. Last week, I tried a different coffee company and found my new favorite drink.

34. Stop Complaining

No one cares. When the conversation moves to complain about something, I often leave the conversation.

35. Be Known

It is essential to know people, but who knows, you are even more critical.

36. Best Ideas

I get my best ideas and thinking done when walking or working out.

37. Wrestling

Nothing beats wrestling with the kids.

38. Looking Forward to the Future

The past has been fun. I have done some tremendous and stupid things, but I am very excited for the Future in all aspects of life.

39. Blank

I am blank; any ideas?

Well, that is it. That is all the ideas that came to my mind two weekends.

Have a great day.


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