Who Let the Chickens Out?

Who Let the Chickens Out

Two weekends ago I was in Denver and this past weekend I was in Whistler.

But before I get to that, this was my son last night:

No work last weekend but a birthday weekend with my wife. We loaded up the kids with sugar and handed them over to our parents for the weekend.

Things move a lot slower when there are no kids around. It gave me time to reflect on things.

Here are 39 things that crossed my mind while in Whistler:

1 – Stop Feeding Your Brain Noise – I find I just need to walk in silence. With voice mail, cellular phones, MP3 players, YouTube, TV, kids, radio, etc. there is constant noise — and when that noise is gone, we try to find noise to replace it. I find that I just need to enjoy some silence every day for 15 minutes.

2 – I Drink Way Too Much – I went from drinking a lot of alcohol to drinking very little, but now I drink a lot of water. I guess the alcohol drinking in my 20s helped me get ready for my water drinking in my 30s. I just feel better when I drink water and my joints are happier when I do.

3 – Make Sure to Leave the House Without It – I am starting to create rules where I just don’t bring my cellular phone with me. It is nice to be free.

4 – Nothing is Urgent – I think I have only had one urgent email over the last 6-weeks and if I think about it, it was not that urgent.

5 – I Like To Drive Slow – In my neighborhood, there is a park. For some reason, people like to speed through it. I like to drive slowly through it. This irritates a few people but if I am a few minutes late, the world will not come to an end.

6 – Nothing is 100% New – Being in the fitness industry since 1994, very little is new. I am often reminded of things I have forgotten, shown a new way of looking at things, and given a few new nuggets of information.

7 – Beginner Mind – Just because I do it one way does not mean it is the right or only way to do it. I try to keep a beginner’s mind when someone explains something to me or shows me something. This has helped me better understand what I do and understand others.

8 – Reducing the Monster – I find I spend more and more time doing what I can to decrease stress. Often it is not something big but something small. If I am 5 minutes late, stressing about it is not going to make it better. Apologizing, explaining, and moving on does the trick.

9 – Dream – Every year, I focus on 2 to 3 dreams for the year. I find when I think about them and work towards them every day by the end of the year, I often reach them.

10 – Monkey See, Monkey Do – The monkeys are watching you. The monkeys in my life are my kids. When I say something dumb, they repeat it. When I do something dumb, they repeat it. Not sure why when I do say something smart or do something smart, they don’t repeat it. Need to work on that.

11 – Know a Little – I’d rather know a lot about a few things than know a little about everything.

12 – Avocado – I am starting to like avocado.

13 – Poor Sleep Affects My Eyes – If I do not sleep well, my eyes don’t work well.

14 – Just Visiting – Most people come into your life for some time and move on. Very few people stick around for the full ride.

15 – Invest in a Few – Better to invest in a few great deep relationships, instead of a lot of shallow ones.

16 – You Won’t Figure It Out – I have stopped trying to figure people out. I am never right, it takes too much time and energy, so I have just stopped. People will be people.

17 – Good Cup – One good cup of coffee beat a lot of cups of bad coffee.

18 – Veggies – I need to eat my veggies or my body rebels.

19 – Good versus A Lot – I’d rather have one good beer than a six-pack of poor beer.

20 – Deadlifts are Cool – I did not get the big deal about deadlifting until someone showed me how to do it right and loaded up the weight. Now I like them and look forward to them.

21 – No Bad Ones – There a no bad exercises, just inappropriate use.

22 – Pro-D Days – You do not know how many Pro-D Days there are until your kids start going to school. I wish I had this many paid Pro-D Days so I could go to seminars during the week and learn.

23 – My Clients Are the Best Teachers – I learn the most from my clients and those that attend my courses.

24 – Movement – Get the body moving and the joints moving well, everything else works itself out.

25 – Protection – Working on stability helps protect the joints. Spend some time doing this because as time passes, this will become more important than anything else.

26 – Know It All – When I was 20, I knew it all. As I approach 40, I realize how little I know.

27 – More to Learn – The biggest changes to what I do occur when I go learn what other professionals are doing.

28 – Haters – There are haters everywhere. Let them hate on their own and ignore them.

29 – Minimal Stuff – You can get great results with injury and pain recovery with minimal to no equipment.

30 – The Best Fix – The person that can fix you the best and fastest is yourself.

31 – Worst Enemy – We are our own worst enemy. We often slow down our recovery from pain and injury.

32 – Write – It will last longer than you ever will and will help reach and help more people than you ever could working one-on-one.

33 – Try Something Different – We get so set in our ways with our routines. An example is a coffee we drink. Last week, I tried a different coffee company and I found my new favorite drink.

34 – Stop Complaining – Let’s be honest, no one cares. When the conversation moves to complaining about something, often I leave the conversation.

35 – Be Known – It is important to know people but what is even more important is who knows you.

36 – Best Ideas – I get my best ideas and thinking done when I am walking or working out.

37 – Wrestling – Nothing beats wrestling with the kids.

38 – Looking Forward to the Future – The past has been fun. I have done some great things and stupid things but I am very excited for the future when it comes to all aspects of life.

39 – Blank – I am a blank, any ideas?

Well, that is it.

Have a great day.


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