3 Tips to Double Your Bootcamp Membership in 4 Weeks

3 Tips to Double Your Bootcamp Membership in 4 Weeks

Why Use a Bootcamp Program?

Bootcamps are a great retention strategy because they cater to the needs of your most engaged members. They are highly targeted programs, usually designed around specific demographic segments or fitness goals. A standalone Bootcamp program can offer a customized and highly personalized experience while providing the structure and guidance often lacking in unstructured group fitness classes. Bootcamps can also be a great way to repurpose content you’re already producing for other programs. This can help you avoid the costs and challenges of creating entirely new content from the ground up. Bootcamps are also a great solution if you don’t have the resources or expertise to create a program from scratch. You can partner with a company that makes effective and engaging Bootcamp programs. This can help you avoid developing your content and spending unnecessary time and money.

1. Use Fun Bootcamp Games

A short fellow (I used fellow because it’s just fun to say) by the name of Brian Kalakay took the stage at the TT Summit earlier this year and explained how he went from 3 people attending his boot camps to well over however many you can count in the picture below in just four weeks.

He uses these crazy and unique Bootcamp games with his campers, which they love, and because they love it so much, they would bring friends and family. He knew he had to bring something to the table that was different and unique from the other camps in town.

You already know that boot camps are popping up EVERYWHERE, and you certainly have to break yourself apart. Sure, you can have “great workouts,” but that’s not good enough.

That’s why Brian brought in these games that get his campers back to work out after workouts with more and more people. Here is the Circle Chase Game he uses with his boot camps, and you can, too:

2. Challenge Your Campers and Show Them Their Progress

People don’t come to your Bootcamp to do three sets of 10 reps of the same old exercises. They are there to get a great workout, but more importantly, an experience. That’s what Bootcamp Challenge expert Shawna Kaminski brings to her camps, and as a matter of fact, she just closed a $50K promo because she is in such high demand.

She brings these fun and practical challenges to her boot camps, and her campers get to see their progress workout after workout.

For example, take a look at just one challenge she does with her boot camps to get more ongoing referrals:

As many reps as possible per set: Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes. Partial matches will not be counted; only complete rounds count for the final score.

Equipment: Timer, DB’s Jump Rope


  • Ten burpees
  • Ten renegade row pushups
  • Ten mountain climbers (per leg)
  • 10 DB walking lunges (per leg)
  • 10 DB squats
  • 50 jump rope skips

Rules of the test:

Campers record only complete rounds.

Training variation:

Do timed sets of the above exercises, 30/5 for five rounds

Next time, each camper should try to beat their previous time. Not only do they look forward to each challenge, but they get to see their progress, which brings them back week after week, unlike many people who unfortunately drop out after just a couple of weeks or less.

 3. Use Unique Metabolic Finishers

I’ll be honest with you. My Bootcamp marketing skills were horrid when I ran my boot camps up the street at my local high school. I never used direct marketing, Facebook ads, or anything like that. I relied on referrals for my business, so I knew I had to deliver when it came time.

A finisher is a way to replace boring cardio and even intervals at the end of a workout. So, that’s why I used these crazy finishers after every workout. For example, earlier this year, I showed over 60 trainers worldwide at the TT Summit, a challenging Bootcamp finisher.

It was the infamous “3’s Company Finisher”,  which my friend Rick graciously recorded. Watch the video below, but here is the finisher:

Do the following circuit as often as possible in 3 minutes, resting only when needed. Once the clock hits 3 minutes, you’re done. Your campers will start at the same time, but they will take different rest breaks, which presents that healthy competition that every Bootcamp needs:

Burpee/Spiderman Pushup Combo (3)
Lunge Jumps (3/side)
X-Body Mountain Climber (3/side)

Now that’s how you give your campers a grand workout finale that they will never forget.

If you want to explode your Bootcamp business, you would certainly use all 3 of these tips. Perhaps you could start with a challenge from Shawna, followed by a fun game Brian has created for you, and of course, end your camp with a crazy finisher.

Then your campers won’t be able to get enough of you, and as expected, they will bring more and more people to you.

So the theme is simple – in your boot camps, you gotta’ “bring it.”

Using just one of these tips will quickly bring in more referrals, but a combination of all three? Wouldn’t that be overwhelmingly awesome?

Incorporate Elements of the Best Bootcamp Program

You can incorporate elements from the best Bootcamp programs to make your version even more effective.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Create a group experience: Many Bootcamp programs are designed for small groups. This can help participants feel like they’re part of a team, which is especially important for new members who might not yet feel like they entirely belong.

2. Make it social: Bootcamp participants love the social aspect of the program. It’s a great way to build a sense of belonging in a new environment. You can help foster a sense of community in your Bootcamp by offering plenty of opportunities for participants to connect outside the gym.

3. Offer a variety of class times: One of the most common complaints about bootcamps is that they’re most often only offered during weekday mornings. This can be challenging for members with full-time jobs. Offer your Bootcamp at various times to accommodate members’ schedules and help the program thrive.

4. Keep it fresh: In addition to offering a variety of class times, you should also make a concerted effort to keep your program fresh and up-to-date. This will help retain members and prevent the program from feeling stale or dated.

Shawna, Brian, and I got together and thought we would change how boot camps are done. After all, there are millions of people all over the world who need your help. I’ve got a big bowl of awesome sauce that you can pour into your boot camps right now.

And there are trainers like you who want to make a difference and are ready to bring something different to their boot camps and not be just “another Bootcamp” while looking for simple solutions to increase your Bootcamp memberships.

That’s what you get with the Ultimate Bootcamp Solution. You’ll get over 80 done-for-you Bootcamp Games, Challenges, and Finishers to use with your boot camps to generate ongoing referrals week after week and double, if not triple, your memberships.

Imagine hitting “print” and immediately bringing more ideas and creativity to your Bootcamp workouts. After all, people are in your boot camps for an experience, not just a movement.

Use these three tips to boom your Bootcamp business and be different,
Mike Whitfield, CTT

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