Women’s Biggest Health Concerns In Their 40s With Maureen Garry

health concerns in 40's

Women in their 40s face some health concerns. Many women in this decade are faced with the onset of menopause, which can cause changes to their body, mood, and sleep, as well as an increased risk for other illnesses. Some other issues that may come up are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Find out how you can take care of yourself to mitigate these risks.

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Who is Maureen Garry?

Maureen Garry is a fat loss specialist for women over 40 and she’s got the credentials to prove it! Maureen has degrees in nutrition, training, sports medicine, and experience with athletic injuries. She understands muscle function on an advanced level because of her experience with rehabilitation, which makes her qualified as a personal trainer. With all this expertise in one person, there’s no wonder why Maureen can help you get lean, feel fantastic at any age, all while understanding your needs and being able to work around them due to injury or health issues that may come up along the way for some people.

Women’s 4 Biggest Health Concerns in their 40s

Women in their 40s are at an age where they need to take a close look at their health. They may feel that it’s not as easy to lose weight or maintain the same level of activity. Stress can also start to play a big part in their life and how they feel about themselves. Whatever the concern, these five health concerns will help any woman over 40 deal with her health issues:

Old Injuries

Age-related injuries like arthritis or osteoporosis can also result in reduced activity, which leads to poorer physical fitness for the elderly.

Lack of Strength 

Weakness is a common symptom in aged women. This may be caused by various factors, such as chronic illness or hormone deficiency. It can also be due to other medical conditions that affect the nervous system. 

Working Most Likely Sitting

Working most likely sitting has been an impact on the health of women. Sitting is not good for anyone but it’s especially bad when you do it all day long and don’t move enough. The body produces less energy, sugar levels increase which can lead to diabetes, and your muscles have a decreased ability to recover from being used so much during the day because they’re always tight or sore. 

Hormonal Shifts Peri-menopause

One of the health concerns in 40’s is women go through a lot of changes in their lives and because they are on hormonal birth control, or it’s just time for them to hit peri-menopause, there can be some intense mood swings that come along with hormone changes. The times after menopause seem to be when women have more complications arising from this due to an increase in estrogen dominance which is often linked with anxiety as well as negative self-talk such thoughts could stem out of low self-esteem and negativity towards themselves during this phase.

Why is it so Hard for Women Over 40 to Stay Lean and Strong?

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source and we need them to function properly. But most people don’t understand how or why they work, so they end up eating too many carbs which leads to a spike in blood sugar levels followed by insulin release. This can lead not only to weight gain but also serious health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer! Staying lean is hard as it is for women without high-carb diets that sabotage their efforts!

Women who are only doing cardio exercises may not be able to build the strength that they need for heavy lifting, which is often necessary to get stronger. Women can also have a hard time building muscle mass if all of their workouts are focused on cardio and neglect resistance training altogether.

4 Key Aspects to Stay Fit as You Age

As we age, it can seem like our body starts to gradually deteriorate. The last thing you want to do is sit around and watch your body slowly get weaker. You need to stay active and keep a healthy weight so that you can live a happy and longer life. Here are 4 key aspects of staying fit as you age and to avoid health concerns:

High-Intensity Workout

A high-intensity workout helps you stay fit as you age. While it may seem more difficult to stay active as you age, engaging in high-intensity exercise can help older adults maintain a healthy weight and heart health. It seems the key is finding an intense workout routine suited for your body’s current capabilities; this will keep your mind alert while also toning up muscles.

The Lower-carb Diets

The good news is that you can lose weight and eliminate these health concerns by going on a low-carb diet. Most people who make the switch to a low-carb diet report feeling better. They experience less hunger and cravings, more energy throughout the day, and more mental clarity. But to get the full benefits of this effective diet strategy, you’ll need to know exactly how many carbs are too many for your body type!

Higher Protein 

Protein is one of the key aspects to staying fit as you age. It can be found in many sources such as meat, eggs, milk, and fish. Protein provides your body with a variety of nutrients that go beyond those provided by carbohydrates or fat alone which helps promote weight control and help maintain healthy muscles for any physical activity you want to do later on.

Higher Fat

There is more and more evidence that fat is not the bad guy it was once thought to be. As women age, their bodies change in many ways; one of them being a decrease in estrogen levels. This can cause certain weight gain near the abdominal area, which is often related to an increased risk for heart conditions or diabetes. Eating fats may help with this problem by balancing hormones and aiding digestion while also providing energy-rich nutrients such as Omega 3s.

As we age, it can seem like our body starts to gradually deteriorate. The last thing you want to do is sit around and watch your body slowly get weaker. You need to stay active and keep a healthy weight so that you can live a happy and longer life.

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