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#1 Foam Rolling Exercise For Middle Back Pain Relief


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

I hope you are enjoying the Fall. Here in Canada, temperature have cooled down but sometimes the sun is creeping out.


As the fall season begins, most people start sitting more. If you sit a lot, you tend to suffer from mid-back pain. 

Today, I will share a quick and easy foam rolling exercise that will help loosen up your mid-back.



In this video, I wanted to go through a great foam rolling exercise to loosen up your mid-back.

Great Foam Rolling Exercise to Loosen Up Your Mid-Back

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I got Sonya to demonstrate the exercise.

Take a foam roller and go through a four point position. Knees are under the hips and push hips back a little bit. Place one hand on the foam roller and roll it away from the body. Bring the hand and shoulder as far as you can. Then, switch to the other side.

Thread the Needle with Foam Roller

Thread the Needle with Foam Roller

Try to bring the hand and shoulder as far as you can to get an excellent stretch in the mid-back and work on the mobility of the mid-back.

This is a great exercise if you have mid-back tightness. You can quickly go through this exercise at home or at the end of your workout.

If you want to learn how to permanently eliminate your back discomfort, then check out the Fix My Back Pain program here:

Fix My Back Pain bundle

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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Comments posted (3)


Thank you! I’ve received a few of your emails with videos and they are very helpful. I’m going to get on the website today to see if I can find some exercises for Sciatica, as my cousin is suffering from it. She has gone to a chiopractor several times and gets temporary relief, but I’m hoping the exercises (if she does them on a regular basis) will get rid of the pain. Thanks again, Kathy



Laramie Reply:

Hello Kathy, I’m Laramie from EFI. Your welcome. Kindly send us an update on your progress.



I have purchased many of your programs as well as watching these specific exercises.They are very helpful.14 years ago because of an MVA I have several back, hip, & neck problems. Have you anything specific for T2&3 vertebrae comtinually popping out ,that causes pain like a boil.I go to a sacral cranial chirowho puts my head on & also puts these vertebrae in.
I visit Kelowna every year & looked up your address but no one could help me find it! Just wanted to ask re some of these issues.
I am Canadian living in Ca. so love the pictures.Keep up the good work.


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