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#1 Rounded Shoulders Stretch


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Hey, I hope you had a great weekend.

If you follow my personal Facebook profile, you’d probably noticed that I was at a Fitness Conference in Southern California where I taught other fitness professionals on how to create successful blogs and YouTube channels. I’ve met a number of fitness experts at the conference who used my injury workouts to help their clients overcome injury and pain.

Just like this trainer from Panama…

Trainer from Panama

It was really great to meet everyone and hear how the injury workout programs that I’ve put together help them and their clients.

I’ve also met these trainers from Saskatoon, Canada…

Trainers from Saskatoon

Now, I am still recovering from the productive weekend I had but I do have an article and video for you today.


~ Rick


In today’s video, I wanted to show you the number one rounded shoulder stretch.

#1 Rounded Shoulders Stretch

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I’ll get Andrea to demonstrate.

Rounded Shoulders Stretch

You will bring the forearm up against the wall. You have the elbow just below the shoulder. You will step forward with the right leg. You are looking for a light stretch in the front of the shoulder. You are not trying to rip apart the muscles because the light stretch is more effective. You will hold the stretch for 20 seconds and then you will switch to the other side. You will do two repetitions, so twice on each side, alternating back and forth.

Another way of progressing this stretch is through the use of door frame. You have your forearm up against the door frame and you can step through in order to get more of an intense stretch to help you overcome your rounded shoulders.

If you are suffering from any kind of shoulder discomfort and want to permanently end the pain, then check out the Fix My Shoulder Pain program here:

Fix My Shoulder Pain by Rick Kaselj

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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Comments posted (4)


What are some good exercises to get rid of neck stiffness.



Tin Reply:

Hi @Frances, this is Tin from EFI,

You might be able to benefit from some of Rick’s videos in this site. Here’s the link to several videos for the neck. These can be applied to stiff neck as well as neck pain. I hope one works for you!


If you have purchased an EFI product, you can access the EFI Secret Group where we can help you more. You can contact [email protected] on how to access the group.



Thank you for this exercise for rounded shoulders, I would love to get more!
I use your program to stretch hip flexor a & am seeing good results!
I do have a problem area, in my right foot/ankle. I find that it becomes very stiff when I stand after sitting, even for a short while. I also have a little swelling just below the ankle bone & above my heel. Are there any exercises I can do to stretch or strengthen that area?



Tin Reply:

Hi @Linda Kaplan , this is Tin from EFI,

if there is swelling present then there is something going on (possibly traumatic), was there an event that led to that or did it start spontaneously? If it’s new then I suggest you rest it first for a week then note if you see the swelling subside. If not, then it would be good to have it checked for you to understand better what is going on. I won’t recommend strengthening or stretching just yet because we don’t know the nature of the injury on your foot, the wrong exercise might aggravate the symptoms. Hope this helps!

If you have purchased an EFI product, you can access the EFI Secret Group where we can help you more. You can contact [email protected] on how to access the group.


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