3 Easy Exercises to Correct Rounded Shoulders

3 Easy Exercises to Correct Rounded Shoulders

Hey, Happy Monday. I know you are back to work and sitting down to read this. If you sit a lot or have poor posture, there’s a possibility that your shoulders are rounded. I wanted to go through some easy exercises to correct rounded shoulders.

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Your shoulders are an important part of your body and e easily affected by several tours. One of the main causes of rounded shoulders is simply carrying too much weight while doing everyday tasks such as lifting a bag or sitting in front of a desk all day. You may also find that your shoulders are rounded because you have been carrying them in a forward-leaning position for too long. These three exercises will help correct your shoulder posture.

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate the exercises.

1. Corner Stretch

The term corner stretch is used to describe a specific type of abdominal exercise involving a bench or other support to isolate and stabilize the torso. This exercise can be performed at home, in gyms, or outdoors. Individuals and groups of people can perform it at a gym. The benefits of this exercise include increasing core muscle strength, improving posture, and increasing flexibility. Keep reading for more details on how to do this type of abdominal exercise at home or while working out in a gym environment.

You are looking for a light stretch in the front of the shoulder and chest area. To do this exercise, find a corner area, and bring your forearms up against the wall with your elbows slightly below shoulder height. Either lean or step into the corner.

Corner StretchCorner Stretch

Perform 2 repetitions, holding the pose for 20 seconds. We’re looking for a light stretch. This will open up the shoulders, targeting the shoulder area that is tight when you have rounded shoulders.

2. Chair Arch

The chair arch is a popular exercise to help people who suffer from back pain. This exercise helps strengthen the back muscles and straighten the spine. It also helps relieve neck, shoulder, and lower back tension. While this is an effective way to prevent spinal pain, it’s important to note that it’s not for everybody. The success of this exercise is largely determined by the fitness level and how your body responds to it.

Before performing this exercise, ensure you have some cushioning underneath your feet. It would help if you also used a chair with a small front-to-back distance between the seat and the edge so there is no chance of slipping off the seat. If you’re comfortable, try lowering yourself as far as possible before starting. When you do get up, don’t forget about your knees! Keep them straight at all times. This will help avoid injuring them when getting out of the chair too quickly.

To do these exercises to correct rounded shoulders, sit on a chair then, lace your fingers behind your head, and arch your back over the chair. With this stretch, we are targeting mobility in the midback area. We are loosening up the midback because this area is often tight for people sitting too much.

Chair ArchChair Arch

Start with one set of 5 repetitions, holding the end position for a second or two. You can progress to 10 repetitions.

3. Bent-over Overhead Press

The overhead press is a great move for overall strength and power. It’s a compound lift that works for more than one muscle group. It can also help with your mobility and balance. With this in mind, the bent-over overhead press is the perfect exercise to perform when you want to build up your shoulders and upper back. To do it properly, follow these steps; perform a push-up while holding dumbbells or kettlebells in front of your body with both hands. Ensure that your arms are extended as you bend over at the hips to lower the weight overhead. 

Inhale as you lower the weight overhead, and exhale deeply as you push through your heels to return to starting position. 

Bend your knees and hips slightly. Press your arms overhead and then bring your arms back down as far as you can. You are working on strengthening the lower and mid back area to help fight against rounded shoulders.

Bent-Over Overhead PressBent-over Overhead Press

Perform one set of 5 repetitions. You can progress to 10 repetitions in a smooth, controlled movement.

Give those three awesome rounded shoulder exercises a go to help you correct your rounded shoulders.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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