3 Easy Exercises to Correct Rounded Shoulders

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I know you are back to work and sitting down reading this. If you sit a lot, there’s a great possibility that your shoulders are rounded. I wanted to go through a couple of exercises that will help you fight rounded shoulders.

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In today’s video, I wanted to go through three awesome rounded shoulders exercises.

3 Awesome Rounded Shoulders Exercises

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Corner Stretch

Corner Stretch

Corner Stretch

Find a corner area, bring your forearms up against the wall with your elbows slightly below shoulder height. Either lean or step into the corner. You are looking for a light stretch in the front of the shoulder and in front of the chest area. Do 2 repetitions, holding the pose for 20 seconds, looking for a light stretch. This will open up the shoulders, targeting the shoulder area that is tight when you have rounded shoulders.

#2 – Chair Arch

Chair Arch

Chair Arch

Sit on a chair, lace your fingers behind your head, and arch your back over the chair. With this stretch, we are targeting the mobility in the mid-back area. We are loosening up the mid-back because this area is often tight in people who are sitting too much. Start off with one set of 5 repetitions, holding the end position for a second or two. You can progress to 10 repetitions.

#3 – Bent-Over Overhead Press

Bent-Over Overhead Press

Bent-Over Overhead Press

Bend your knees and hips slightly. Press your arms overhead and then bring your arms back down as far as you can. You are really working on strengthening the lower and mid-back area to help fight against rounded shoulders. Perform 1 set of 5 repetitions. You can progress to 10 repetitions in a nice, smooth and controlled movement.

Give those 3 awesome rounded shoulders exercises a go to help you correct your rounded shoulders.

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Rick Kaselj, MS