3 BIG Lies About Aphrodisiacs

3 BIG Lies About Aphrodisiacs

The demand of aphrodisiacs is increasing these days after the evolution of V&*$%a. However, there are many questions that arise in mind with regards to these big lies about aphrodisiacs.

Today, I want to share with you this interview I had with Meredith Shirk, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist as we talk about aphrodisiacs in detail.

Here’s what you need to know…

What are the common big lies about aphrodisiacs ?

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In the interview above, you will discover:

  • What is an aphrodisiac?
  • 3 BIG Lies About Aphrodisiacs
  • Examples of fake aphrodisiacs

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

If you are unable to watch or listen to the interview above, check out the transcript below.

Hey! This is Rick Kaselj from exercisesforinjuries.com. Today I have another interview for you and it’s with Meredith. And I’ll get Meredith to introduce yourself and then we’ll get on with the interview.

Hi, everybody. Thanks for having me on, Rick. My name is Meredith Shirk and I actually live in Malibu, California. I have owned my own health and fitness business called Svelte in Malibu for about seven years. I’m a certified personal trainer and a fitness nutrition specialist.

Okay. So in our interview what we’re going to focus in on is aphrodisiacs. So maybe you can explain what an aphrodisiac is? And how did you go from this fitness person thing to like being into aphrodisiacs?

Right. Well an aphrodisiac in case you guys don’t know is any food or substance that promotes sexual desire. I know a lot of people are like, “Whoa! Okay, sexual desire. What does that mean?” So basically like it’s interacting with your sex hormones on a cellular level to promote sexual functions. So how did I get into this? Well, it’s an interesting story. When I was in college I was playing water polo in college. I wasn’t eating the right foods and I was basically premenopausal. So being 20 years old it’s kind of not where you want to be. I didn’t have any energy, I didn’t have any sex drive.

I basically, it felt like I was just on my back all the time. So it really had to do with what I was eating, what I was putting in my body. So that’s how I got on the path to discovery. And being 20 years old I kind of just pushed it aside, whatever. But then later coming back to it in my later 20s, I really started to grab on to it and started using it with my clients in Malibu and found a big difference in the way people felt and their energy. So from then on I was hooked.

eat oysters to increase sex drive

Okay. So where I’m from in Vancouver, sort of the Pacific Ocean and a big thing that people talk about are oysters and having oysters and leads to all the aphrodisiac stuff. What are some misconceptions that people end up having when it relates to aphrodisiacs?

There are huge misconceptions because people think that, okay, you see it in movies all the time it’s either oysters or something like that. And what people think is that you’re going to eat an oyster and all of a sudden you’re going to be ripping your clothes off and running down the street looking for somebody. It doesn’t work like that. (laughing) If you actually look at it, oysters are used for a reason. Oysters and other sea foods are used for a reason, it’s because of their zinc content. So when you dig deeper into these foods you actually discover why they interact with your body the way they do and why people joke about it. But if you really think about it and you really do the science behind it, zinc plays a huge role in the involvement and maintenance of your sex hormones and in the involvement of your pituitary gland.

Cool. Okay. So that’s some misconceptions. Now, what are some examples of some fake aphrodisiacs? Because every food wants to call themselves an aphrodisiac because it sounds sexy and people want to eat more of it. But what are some examples of ones that don’t work, that are fake?

I think the biggest one I want to talk about is soy, actually. Soy like soybeans, any kind of soy product, a lot of people think like, “Oh, soy. It’s going to be super healthy for me and everyone says it’s an aphrodisiac so I’m going to feel really sexy when I eat it”. And actually soy is not good for you at all. A lot of soy, actually 90% of soy, is genetically modified. So when you’re eating GMO foods, that has a really bad reaction inside your body. So it’s much different than eating a natural, untouched, pesticides-free organic piece of tropical fruit that actually does work with your body.

Okay. So soy would be an example. What are some other examples of fake aphrodisiacs?

dark chocolate to increase sexual function

A lot of processed foods, like you think of chocolate. A lot of people think that every single chocolate is an aphrodisiac, milk chocolate, white chocolate. So the misconception is that, milk chocolate, and actually white chocolate is just sugar and flour, basically. So when you think about chocolate you need to think about, “Okay, not milk chocolate or white chocolate”. Actually, 70% cacao chocolate is actually an aphrodisiac because it contains something called Phenethylamine. So Phenethylamine, PEA for short so I can kind of break it down for you guys, it actually works inside your brain to release dopamine, serotonin and those other really feel good chemicals. Now when you go to the fake ones like white chocolate and in milk chocolate, those don’t have those effects at all. Basically, they’re just making you fat when you eat them. So that’s not sexy. (laughing)

These are the big lies about aphrodisiacs that most people have misconceptions.

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