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3 Back Tricks So You Can Keep Training Hard


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

This is a special video for Travis Stoetzel and everyone at TrainAggressive.com.

Travis asked me;

What can someone do if they have injured their back and they still want to keep training hard?

I am going to go through an exercise that I really like that helps ease the back. I will also include a couple of tweaks that you can do in your training program that you can focus in on a little bit more that will put less stress on the back.

3 Back Tricks So You Can Keep Training Hard

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

#1 – Vertical Hanging

This is like a stretch or an exercise that you can do to ease the pain in the back. You want the arms about shoulder width apart. You can use like a chin up bar or a squat rack. You are going to drop the hips and try to build traction and pull in that low back in order to decompress and loosen up the spine. You are going to hang in there for about 15 seconds.

Vertical hanging exercise

Vertical Hanging

What I am looking at is you should feel better and I want to build on better. If it feels better, you can do like 3 to 5 repetitions of this. If it doesn’t feel great about 5%, you make sure you are doing the technique right or you can cut it out.

First tip that I would recommend is to start off with this exercise. Try this to loosen up that lower back area especially if you do a lot of computer work, desk work or sitting work.

Second tip is look at the different exercises that you are doing, focus in on exercises that have more of a vertical trunk because when it comes to back pain and the back being irritated, the back can handle more of an upright position when its injured as opposed to a forward position or even a trunk forward position.

#2 – Front Squat

The Back Squat puts the trunk more forward, which puts more strain on the back. I get Orsy to go through a back squat so you can see that her trunk is a lot more forward and that puts more stress on her back. If your back is injured or sensitive, it’s going to irritate things.

Back Squat

Back Squat

Now, let’s go through a front squat which is more of a vertical trunk position that puts less strain on her back. I would recommend switching over and giving the vertical stuff a go just like a front squat. I get Orsy  to switch over to a Front Squat position.

Front Squat

Front Squat

With the front squat, it is a lot more of a vertical upright position. Other thing that you can do is you can limit your positions. You might not do as deep as Orsy can, but you can do this half way and back up and build your range that you are able to do. You might not be able to do the full range, but you can cut the range in half.

#3 – Bodyweight Exercises

The third thing you would be looking at are the bodyweight exercises that you can do. Things that work great and that are easy on the back and actually good for the back are the Gymnastic Ring Work, Pull Ups and Chin Ups. Those are good exercises for the back and keep the back in a good position. There is no load on it and you are actually free in the air so there is traction in the back.

Give those three things a go. The vertical hanging from the back, switching from a back squat to a front squat or doing more vertical exercises and limiting the range that you are doing for a little while. And then, look at the exercises for the gymnastics range or pull ups and chin ups.

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Rick Kaselj, MS


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