How To Do Drop Training For The Core

How To Do Drop Training For The Core

Hey, I hope you are doing great.

I wanted to share with you a unique core training exercise that my friend, Dean Somerset, sent me. The exercise is called Drop Training.

Take a look down below so you’ll get to know what drop training is and see if it will help you out.

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Let’s work on drop training – Drop Training is awesome.

Who wants to do some drops?

This is where you start getting reactive, but we try to think of it as a reactive plank or a reactive hold.

How To Do Drop Training For The Core

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Grab onto those handles, get into a row position and your partner hangs onto your feet.

The key to this is that you need to concentrate on what is going on, react to a change in stimulation, and be able to position yourself so that you are able to lock down really hard without falling into one direction or another.

Grab the handles and come forward until your shoulders are right underneath the pole. Your partner will then take your feet up. Pack your shoulders. The goal of this is for your partner to let go of one of your legs and you have to stay solid (so no rotating and no dropping).

TRX Drop exercise

TRX Drop

In this example, I will remove my hand and nothing happens. You can’t anticipate the drop because of where my hands are positioned. If I feel his weight more in one arm more than the other, guess what arm I am going to drop? Again, breathe, pack your shoulders, hips up, and get tight.

We can do a variation of that from the front or from the back. We can use a bench or a push up. Go to a push up position with your partner’s hands holding your feet, like a wheelbarrow stance.

Push Up Drop Exercise

Push Up Drop

Same concept, but don’t have your feet quite so wide. You need a lot of back strength and a lot of ab strength. All I am doing is trying to set it up so he doesn’t know what leg I drop when I drop it.

We can do that a couple of different ways. We can do an upper body or a lower body drop. A drop is a very cool exercise because it doesn’t take a lot from a person to do. When I feel something is quite not level, done. It’s like a trust exercise gone wrong, so you are leaning back on me. But at the same time he’s got to react to that change and be able to pull it right back in.

How many contact supports do you think will benefit from something along that line?Every single one of them. Why? Because you don’t know when you are getting hit half of the time you go to react to it.

Go ahead and partner up and grab some of these TRX’s. I want you to try a couple of those drops if you are feeling confident in it.

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