#1 Cause of Fat Loss Plateau

Hey, I’m here in Dallas to attend a conference. And then, I met this guy… Jon Penberthy from England teaches strategies on how to improve a YouTube channel. I’ve been going through scores of sessions and implementing the […]

#1 Cause of Back Pain In Athletes

Hey, I posted a new quick exercise video on the Exercises For Injuries Facebook page. You can go here to check it out… Today, I will share a great interview I had with Beth Drayer […]

6 Tips To Cope with the Stress of Injury

Hey, I forgot to thank everyone for this… Last November, I had my famous Black Friday Sale and a great number of you supported it. The support I received exceeded my expectations, as you were […]

BEST Interviews of 2016

Interviews are not the most popular videos on my YouTube channel, but I enjoy them a lot. Those people who fully checked out the videos have gained a lot of learning from these interviews. I look […]

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