Healthier Alternatives to White Sugar

With the our new found understanding that fat does not make us fat, we are now piling our plates with heart healthy meats, fishes and oils which can help to keep us satiated and slim. […]

The Science of Eye Health

Can we imagine anything more amazing than the human eye? Ever wonder how your eyes capture images then transmit them to your brain? Or how digital devices might affect your eyesight? Plus, what sort of […]

7 Anticipated Health Trends for 2018

As the new year approaches, we’ve been combing the fitness centers, health clinics, spas and universities to find the most up-and-coming health trends for 2018. Some exciting new ideas are in store for us this […]

Soy – Good or Bad?

For years, soy was the go to protein for those who wanted to avoid animal protein sources. Soy burgers were all the rage, as well as tofu. Things have changed, however, and revealing new information […]

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