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How to do the Double Kettlebell Clean and Press Exercise


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Today, I got an exercise for you to try.

I am going to do this exercise as part of my workout today.

Give it a go!

Okay, take it away Callie…

Rick Kaselj, MS

How to do the Double Kettlebell Clean and Press Exercise

Hey, this is Callie Durbrow from strongandsexyin25minutes.com.

I’m here today to do a quick video for my friend Rick Kaselj about my favorite exercise and one of my favorite ways to do it. This a great exercise that you can do with a minimal space.

CLICK HERE to watch  the YouTube video.

All you need is two kettlebells, you can do it with one if you only have one. If you have you two, perfect!

This is double/singular kettlebell clean and press exercise. One of the best exercises for your entire body, core, legs, shoulders and all those areas that women want to make look awesome.

You’re going to take what is called the density approach.

#1 – Double/Singular Kettlebell Clean & Press

Start in a back hinge position and swing back using my hamstrings and your glutes. Come up, snap the bells up to your chest with minimal swing, just stand and snap. You are gonna reset your abs, drive the weight over head and swing back through, that is one rep.

The whole time my abs are engaged when I’m swinging and when I am standing,  it’s like double the work.

Do this in 30 seconds and as many as you can do, rest for 30 seconds and hit it again.

carrie durbrow 1

carrie durbrow 2

carrie durbrow 3

Double Kettlebell Clean and Press Exercise

You’re going to set the clock for 30 seconds and do it as many of the exercise in terms of reps as you can then rest for 30 seconds. Then you’re going to come back and try to beat the reps with the same weight. If you are doing this with a single kettlebell, just switch arms halfway.

You gotta try to beat that score by one or two reps every time. You can do 3 sets as part of a workout or you could do up to 5-10 sets and that is your entire workout, 10 total minutes.

Again, this is Callie Durbrow and I just wanna share this video with you for my friend Rick and all his followers.

If you want to learn more exercises then check out Strong and Sexy in 25 Minutes here.

Callie Durbrow


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